Love and Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day- the day rose sellers finally get a reason to exist. The day gift shops are brimming with teddy bears and fluffy hearts and other memorabilia, sold at the most exorbitant rates. The day coffee shops and restaurants suddenly become inaccessible to singles. The day of pink, red and white. The day the atmosphere is saturated with kisses, cuddles and pheromones. A day for couples to shower one another with affections, and a day for singles to lament about the fact that they are single for yet another Valentine’s day. The day of love.

I will admit, I have participated quite enthusiastically in Valentine’s day festivities over the past years, either happily doing the cheesy, mushy things every couple is obligated to do on Valentine’s day or rolling my eyes at said mushy things with my gang. But this year, I found myself alone all of a sudden, with no plans for Valentine’s Day. While the object of my affections was happily gallivanting with his latest conquest, I was rather depressed and brooding around dateless on the eve of Valentine’s day. I had completely braced myself to spend a day wallowing in misery.


My wonderful evening continued with me typing up an emergency report and trying to grill “Theory of Microcontrollers” through my rather thick (and unrelenting) cranium. Needless to say, I was exhausted and miserable. The last thing I wanted was to pretend to be all giggly and cheery, wishing everyone under the sun a happy Valentine’s day, while acting completely nonchalant about the fact that I was lonely. But then, at midnight, Cupid struck- Just not in the way that I had imagined.

2 hours later, I was giggling merrily after a phone call from a very close friend. We spoke about absolute gibberish – ranging from his recent Delhi trip, to VIT hostels to Item numbers. I fell asleep with a contented smile and a lingering thought that maybe, just maybe, this Valentine’s Day won’t be that bad at all.

My happy mood continued with my 11 am class getting cancelled and an impromptu lunch date with two of my idiotic best friends. The rest of the day was a breeze- smashing cake on a friend’s face, chasing another friend all across my wonderful campus, giggling and texting during classes, watching my professor battle with a bat in class (trust me, by far, the most amusing thing I have witnessed all week).

The day was perfect. Somehow, every ordinary thing seemed hilarious and brighter. We all exclaimed how it was probably the best Valentine’s day ever. The only thing I regret was that I was unable to attend my weekly Toastmasters Session due to an extra class.

The point I’m trying to make here is simple. Yes, we single folk may feel that Valentine’s Day is brought into existence for the sole purpose of torturing us poor, dateless crowd. We think that Valentine’s day is meant only for couples to do mushy things. What we fail to realize is that Valentine’s day is a celebration of love. And love has many different forms. For me, Valentine’s day turned out to be a celebration of love in an altogether new dimension- friendship. I had an amazing day, arguably better than last year, when I spent all my time exchanging sweet nothings with the object of my affections. This Valentine’s day, laughed, I giggled, I chased someone all around campus, I cracked crude jokes. I lived. I loved, just not in the expected way.

For me, Valentine’s Day was a day when I rediscovered friendship and love. I realized being single in’t necessarily equivalent to being lonely. And in true Bollywood style, I finally understood what Shahrukh Khan’s character in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai meant when he fixed his intense, brown, dreamy eyed gaze on the camera and sighed- “Pyaar Dosti Hai”(Love is friendship).


This article comes rather late, I know (3 months late to be precise). Valentine’s day is now a distant memory in all our minds. Which brings me to my next point-why celebrate love only on one day? Why can’t every day be a celebration of love in its own unique way? Of course, we need not be flamboyant at every opportune moment, but how about doing something simple for the people you love? How about texting your mother that you love her, in order to put a smile on her face? How about catching up with a friend who you haven’t spoken to for a month? How about just gazing at yourself for an extra 5 minutes and reminding yourself that yes, you are beautiful? How about brightening up a stranger’s day by smiling at them? How about an impromptu lunch date with your partner, who might be having a bad week?

Ladies and Gentlemen, love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. Its celebration simply cannot be contained in one day, neither can it be defined in one word. So, make the best out of this beautiful feeling that indeed, makes the world go round. Because, at the end of the day, Love is truly all there is.

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