Lust that costed a Life

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We have all heard that the mistakes done by our parents will be endured by their children. This is the known fact and moreover said by our ancestors. It is applicable in all aspects. This real incident shows how a child will be punished for his father’s mistake….

The story begins as….

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Pooja, Prem’s colleague was a beautiful woman of his team. As a team mate, they both started to talk too well and became friends. Pooja was unmarried and lived with her family. As days passed, they became close and fell in love. Prem who has been married, desired Pooja. She too without thinking much allowed Prem to succeed in his desire. When a person begins a work with an error, the result will also be an error. So their relationship resulted in her being pregnant to his child. Pooja became restless on realising the disaster she has caused to her life due to a small desire. She do not know what to do. Prem too was in a state of total blankness of solving this situation. When she asked him to marry her, he denied. She pestered him telling that she is carrying his child, he simply tried to solve it by telling her to abort that child and left. Later he abruptly stopped talking with her and cut her contact fully. Pooja not knowing what to do further aborted her child as he has left her to struggle all alone after enjoying with her. After some months, Prem and Pooja came into contact again and the same mistake continued twice. On these two times also, Prem gave the same solution for hiding their mistake. But this time Pooja wished not to be idle which lead to the grave mistake and the after math of her anger destroyed his son. So she wants to avenge him for destroying her life. So at that time she did not argue and continued to act as before. She waited for the perfect time to take revenge on him. She wanted him to know the pain she is undergoing while aborting her child.

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Poor Deepa she was unaware of her husband’s activities and remained as a perfect soul to him and her son. She was further unaware of what is going to happen to her in future..

Few days passed and on one fine day….

Pooja had a chance of meeting Prem’s son by roadside. We all knew that children are too attracted by candies. So she started her conversation with Naresh by gifting him with loads of candies and acted as a friend of his dad. He being a second standard boy believed her candy words and was enjoying those candies.

After two days….

Naresh’s parents are searching for him all over the city as he has gone missing for the past two days. They have lodged a police complaint after that and now they are also in search for him. Pooja has become anxious as they did not get any information about Naresh.

Two more days passed….

The police were deep in search of that kid. They searched him in every possible place but in vain. Then by the dusk… they found a weird suitcase nearby roadside which has been surrounded by scavengers with foul smell. In nervousness they went near to that suitcase and after opening it… they were left with utter shock on seeing what was inside the suitcase. Naresh’s body has been divided into many parts and packed inside the suitcase. I have never ever heard of such a brutal way of murdering a small kid by a woman. She was having it near her and the police had arrested that monster woman.

On further enquiry… they came to know the truth behind her killing this small kid…

She said the whole story to them and told that Prem will now understand the sorrow of losing a child which I had experienced for three times. She did not feel pity for that kid at all as her heart was full of revenge and to say the truth she felt contented and happy on avenging him.

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We might think her as the monster but the pain of a mother losing her child made her to be this brutal to another kid. Not only as a mother but also as a woman who blindly fell in love with a married guy. I am not supporting her but the mistake is with Prem also who dug the pit for his own son for his brutal behavior with another woman’s feelings. The only person to feel sorry is Pooja as she lost her son for her husband’s wrong.

Girls… loving is not at all a mistake. But choosing a right person matters.If we have to spend our life peacefully choose wisely.So guys self-control is always needed else it will lead us to different lanes. Moreover always think about the constant happiness which we can get through righteous way. Just for momentary happiness, do not ever choose the wrong path…




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