The A to M of being a woman

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There are so many words out there thrown around about our women, in the society that we live in. Some of them are Rape, Prostitution, Murder, Whore… All the way from A to Z. So, I decided, I’d make two articles emphasizing on all the good words we should be using for women right from the beginning of the alphabet to the ending. In this first instalment, we’ll be taking the first 13 letters of the 26. Let’s start, shall we?!

brooke davis

This is a word that women don’t hear about very much. It’s because they’re not appreciated the way they should be. Right from being a mother to a wife to a sister, a woman’s role in everyday life is not given as much credit as she should be. She’s amazing and it’s about time men saw that if they want to be able to call themselves the same.



It’s needless to say that women are very sharp. That’s not to say that men are not but to prove that women are capable of equal if not more things that a male counterpart can do. It is time people stopped looking down on our gender as the weaker sex and rather began looking at us as an equal threat to their successful existence. It’s a good thing we have tended hearts.



Women have a certain quality about them that makes them attractive both inside and out. It’s rare to see a woman honk or whistle at a man but the opposite is done almost always because that’s just the reaction they bring about in the opposite sex. Their very energy and power is addictive and makes them both interactive as well as enigmatic.



Women are no longer as weak as they used to be. Now, they’re both confident and aware of their rights as well as their support systems. That’s what makes them such powerhouses of energy and controversy, leading them to be stronger than what men is presumed as. Physical strength is one thing but mental strength is the one aspect that is on a higher side in our gender because of the magnitude of things we put up with.



In a magnitude of emotions and changes in life, there are so many factors that have the capacity of bringing a person down. An average woman works from morning to night, fending first for her family and then for her own self. In such a life situation, it is not easy to remain with equivalent energy levels but she manages the stamina brilliantly.



She’s very productive in the way she spends her time in comparison to a man. She doesn’t have distracting football matches, female colleagues, holidays, weekly offs or any of the benefits that men and children get. She works non-stop, never being paid for the things she does out of love.



This one is a bit obvious but it’s what makes her so appealing to the opposite sex. the way she does her nails or her stance when she’s lost in thoughts, the edges of her hair that she twirls at the tip of her fingers or the anxious biting of her lower lip in frustration. These are the things that make her who she is and give her character a sense of warmth.



This has already been established but it never is given as much importance as it should be so I’ll say it repeatedly. A woman knows best because she works the hardest.


Immeasurably Important

She is vital. Right from the day a boy is born to the day he dies, he requires a woman. That’s because he needs her to teach him the good, the bad and the amazing things in life, to love and cherish his every moment, to make him respect other women and to treat them like no one else ever will, to mother and to sister and to be with and to wed.



No matter how many hardships she has, she’s full of life and optimism, energy and enthusiasm and is always rearing to go. That’s a lovely persona to have and be around because it’s addictive. It’s always nice when happiness is contagious. I don’t know about you but it’s one disease I’d like to have.



That she is. Women are kissed all over the world either on the cheek, forehead or the lips as a sign of affection depending upon the type of relationship men have with her. It’s the one thing about her that is identifiable because it makes her who she is and that is lovable.



This one is undeniable. Women have an inbuilt quality in them that makes them loving and emotional, adding warmth and happiness in other people’s hearts and making them swoon in enchantment. It’s the gift of female nature and a boon to mankind all over the world.



Women are excellent at this. They’ll be brushing their teeth with one hand, stirring the food on the stove just before it gets burnt, washing the kids’ clothes, packing the husband’s lunch box, sending them all off on time, cleaning the house, attending to phone calls and so much more. It’s tirelessly annoying and unbelievably unending. Yet, they manage.


With this, I come to an end of my first instalment.

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