Make your woman happy

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Men have this whole idea that making or for a matter of fact keeping a woman happy is the toughest thing ever. They generally say that every time they try making their woman happy they see themselves terribly failing. Men find women as highly difficult to understand creatures of the world mostly because they believe that women are indecisive and such confusing characters that sometimes they themselves don’t know what they actually want from their man.

make your woman happy

Maybe but probably the approach is wrong. Men often keep on thinking about the master or the bigger plan to make her happy whereas keeping her happy is the easiest thing ever. In this process of doing the big things they forget about the little things that actually matter, little things that girls/women actually want , need or expect. There is no denying the fact that women/girls are highly emotional people and hence it is those little emotional things that bring a smile on their face. All she needs and all you need to give her is your time. It is because when you give her your time she feels special and needed. She actually see you making efforts to give her your time and this is what makes her happy.

Girls/women are sensitive beings and it takes no time for them to get hurt but it also takes no time to make her happy. There are just little things that annoy her to an extent and little things that give her joy. Give her your time, show her that you’re there for her and she will be happy, be honest with her no matter how harsh the truth is she would appreciate and she will be happy about the fact that you are genuine, tell her how much she means to you and see the smile on her face, text her something good, cook for her, make a genuine apology if you couldn’t get back to her on time, call her often or pay her a surprise visit- she will definitely be happy. Now does all this sound really difficult to do ? I don’t think so.

Women are a little insecure, insecure about people in their lives especially those that matter. Once they have them they don’t want to ever lose them , the thought scares them. Hence when you give them your time they get a feeling that you need them as badly as they do. This gives them a sense of security. The way to a woman’s heart is by being there. No doubt that women are a little confusing and they will never clearly say as to what they want and what not but they will still silently expect and even get annoyed if you fail at it. Sometimes all a woman need is someone who listens to her without judging her or questioning her anything but just listening to her. At the same time she is not seeking for any one’s advice or your scoldings regarding her being immature or undecisive because she probably has heard that a million times before from a million people. At that time she just expects you to support her and to make her believe that even if nobody does ‘you’ of all do understand her.

Every woman out there has a dream man carved in her heart which she never really ends up finding but when she’s in love she will change and scrutinize all those expectations and suit them according to you and all she expects in return is you accept her the way she is, with all her flaws and annoying habits. The way she accepts your’s and deals with them. The does not want you to point them out and demean her, make her feel inferior or compare her to others. This breaks her and makes her unsure about your position in her life.

Women is that sex of the society which are bound and restricted but when she clandestine breaks all these restrictions just to be with you she clearly is inn for something serious and long. She just hates it when you are too casual about whatever relationship you share with her and take her for granted. It is because she risks herself for you and she expects you to appreciate it and respect her for that. You are way too special and important if she is doing all this for you- appreciate her efforts for it will surely make her happy.

The societal taboo girls or women break for you, the fights she takes up for you for there may be some you don’t even know about, the risks she takes just to keep you happy and all the slanders she bears after breaking those restrictions, not regretting them an inch- after all that she’s done for you she deserves to be happy. To be given loyalty , honesty, appreciation, respect and time. She deserves that from you- the same little effort the same little respect. You are the one who is supposed to make her believe that all the pains she took were worth and will not be wasted for you will keep up to it because you love her and respect her way too more than anything.

She is your woman make her happy.

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