Malala Yousafzai – The Child who fights for Children’s education

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Women all over the world are facing lots of problems and the fight for their rights is becoming a normal issue in our daily scenario. We see a lot of girl child being sent to work or get married. What have we done for them? Have we ever raised our voice towards the illegalities? To be frank, the answer is NO. All we do is, comment on the issue, give ideas within ourselves and put the blame on the government. The government cannot achieve or implement ideas what we think. They should know what the public think and what they want. And in the case of women, the most a woman wants is security and education. The Government has implemented a lot of laws and policies for the security for women, and these laws are proving to be powerful. But that’s not in the case of education. Women all over the world are struggling a lot because they are not educated. The government, women’s rights organizations and the women themselves were not able to make any change in the society. But in the recent past, a powerful voice for women’s education has come like a sparkling star in the dark night. That voice was from a small girl called as “Malala Yousafzai”. When nobody had the guts to fight for women’s education, this 17 year old did.  Malala is a girl who wanted every woman in the world to be educated and the reflection of her act was that, she was shot by a Taliban in her head. But she survived her attack and is still fighting for women’s education.


Malala Yousafzai was born on 12th July 1997. She is from Pakistan, Mingora, in Swat District. She was in a surrounding where girl child was banned from going to schools by the Taliban. Malala wrote a blog under a pseudonym for the BBC, which had a detailed view of her life under Taliban rule. Her father was very supportive and did not stand against her daughter even with the tight rules by the Taliban. He says to the parents of the girl child: Trust your daughters, they are faithful honor your daughters, they are honorable and educate your daughter, they are amazing”. Malala was shot when she protected against the Taliban for education. This was what Malala wanted to says, a year after she was shot, “I speak for education of every child, there has been gender discrimination in the society, We women are going to bring a change in the society and we must fight for our rights but we should not behave like men, as they have done in the past”. On Tuesday 9, 2012, Malala boarded her bus to school, when a Taliban gunman asked for her name and shot her three times. One of the bullets had hit her forehead. She is now a powerful tool because she has seen death and she is sure that death supports her in the fight for education.

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She was inspired by her father, who was around her during her sorrows and her happy moments. She has become a special child to all parents in the world. She started speaking about education at an early age of 11. Her first addressing was at a local press club, where she bravely criticized the Taliban for taking her right for education. Malala was suggested by her father to the BBC to write a novel on the life of a girl child under Taliban rule. None of the parents were willing to send their child because they thought it was too dangerous, but Malala raised her hands to speak against Taliban. She would hand-write and then passes it to the reporter, who would publish it in the blog. Her blog became viral between the Taliban and they shot her. But she survived the attack and came back strongly. She started her protest towards the Taliban and in 2009, she was successful, when the girls school was reopened. She did her studies and her ambition was to pursue medicine, but her father wanted her to become a politician. She accepted her father’s request and started to fetch a large group for her movement. She was known by the world for her fight for women education. She was the centre of attraction of the media and she addressed in a lot of meetings and also revealed her blogging identity. She was nominated by a South African activist for the International Children’s Peace Prize. She was the first Pakistani for the award. She was a nominee because she stood up for herself and also for other girls who could not seek education because of certain rules. Later in 2011, she won the National Youth Peace Prize, which was offered by the Pakistani government. The Pakistani Prime Minister awarded her and also told her to start her own national political party to promote education. In 2012, she planned to set up the Malala Education Foundation to help the poor girl children.

On October 15, 2012, Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister, visited her and then launched a petition in her name. He used the slogan “I am Malala” and the petition demanded education for all girl children by 2015. The Petition had three demands,

  1. Pakistan should agree to educate all girl children.
  2. All countries to outlaw discrimination against girls.
  3. All International Organization should ensure the 61 million out-of-school children get their education by 2015.

Here are some of the awards that she has received in her struggle for education,

  1. International Children’s Peace Prize.
  2. National Youth Peace Prize.
  3. Sitara-e-Shujaat.
  4. Mother Teresa Memorial Award.
  5. Simone de Beauvoir Prize.
  6. Rome Prize for Peace and Humiliation Action.
  7. Premi International Catalunya award and many more.

Malala day is celebrated on 12th July, 2013, on her 16th birthday. On that day she said, “Malala days is not for me, but for every girl, every boy who seek their rights. Malala is truly an inspiration to all women in the world. She was very brave and fought for education. She had to come through a lot of hurdles and once was sent towards death, but she came back strongly and fought against those who stood against children’s educational rights. She is a person to be saluted and inspired.


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