“Be a man!”

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“Be a man!”

There are these great clichéd phrases that stumble upon you on an almost daily basis all your life. I am sure each of these phrases has had amazing springs acting as their sources; but now, most of them, in the long run, have lost their true meaning. If you want to keep a dress of yours as special, you make sure that you wear it only on special occasions, and not on a daily basis. The same thing is applied here. Over usage of anything tarnishes the speciality factor that one could boast about.
With me spending a considerable time on this planet of mortals, witnessing the number of revolutions of the Earth that anoint me as an adult, the phrase of “Be a man! “ is what that has been chucked at me from every corner ever since I knew how to use my brain’s memory power. Even when I was not a man, a boy technically, I had pellets dipped in the sauce of that phrase fired at me.
I didn’t really know what it meant; and I didn’t want to ask others ‘cause you know, they just need an excuse to laugh at you; and being someone who never liked to be the butt of any joke as it hurt me emotionally, I refrained from asking anyone, and my brain started to catch, store, and analyse all the incidents that invoked the usage of this phrase.
Whenever a boy fell down, and was scared to get up, “Be a man,” was instantly doled at him. If someone felt bad, and you could comprehend it from his expressions, this phrase was the served instead of water to him. So, my powers of deduction, on whom I have had paced a total trust, concluded that this phrase means that we should ‘Toughen up’. Men were stronger than women physically, and thus they needed to be tough, is what the brain of a school-going kid thought.
If you have believed in something during all your childhood days, you are reluctantly to change that belief. So, there I was, an adult, with the same interpretation as that I had held a decade before.

It was a lovely evening, with the cool breeze smacking with ease that induced a mesmerizing feeling. In the middle of this lovely gift of nature, I was walking, with a relatively fast pace as usual. The footpath was deserted, the road beside was chocking with traffic, but as far the footpath was concerned, it was spared from the population’s wrath at that moment. So, there I was taking brisk, steady, and quick steps, that there was a moment that the distance between the lady and me was reduced to the breadth of the table that separates a customer, and the staff who takes orders in a McDonald’s restaurant. When you are close to something, like close in the real sense, and not the emotional closeness, you notice more, as then you don’t have to strain your eyes, and the picture is clear. So, I noticed that the lady had lovely hair. If something appeases your department of admiration, you get hooked onto it; and similarly, my eyes got locked onto her hair, and my neck made a little rotation, as I just overtook her, to assist my eyes, which were ending their admiration speech by the ‘Vote of thanks’ . Well, all this happened within fraction of seconds, so, I wasn’t as freaky as it appears now. However, when I was just about to look straight and forget about everything, she gave me a disgusted look. Although it was only a look from some stranger who would never matter to me, it pierced through my heart for some reason. I felt so pathetic that I went and asked her as to why would she flex her face muscles in such a way. All she said was, ”Be a man!” and continued on her path.
This incident took my happily sailing mind to capsize. Be a man means to toughen up.” Why would she ask me to toughen up?” I thought. I was confused. I was shattered too ‘cause I had realised that my interpretation did really have a glitch. So, ignoring my pride that told me that I know everything, I asked my mum about it.
She said,” Be a man means you should be a man. Like the man of the house! That means you are the one on whom the house depends. Similarly, the society depends on you. It expects you to protect everyone whom you can. Women are physically weaker, and there are men who take undue advantage of that; you should come to their rescue at all times!”
“So, something like a superhero?” asked me.
“Well, there is superhero inside all of us. It’s time that we bring it outside,” she said.
It was a Eureka moment for me. The feeling that I had believed a tortoise to be a turtle made feel pathetic.
However, on the brighter side, overcoming my ignorant pride, I had really understood the real meaning of something that had been like a shadow stuck on me by some glue.
With power comes responsibility! So, being genetically the stronger sex, it is our duty to respect every woman, and protect her from some dim-witted humans who are disguised as men here. Over the years, the interpretations have been weird-ed out to support the prejudice bend that our world is subjected to where only men can be tough, which is utter crap!
It’s my humble request to all the men there; let’s stand up against, and save our reputation. Because of some creatures, who cross the thick line separating humane and inhumane activities, we are looked down upon. Let’s make a change. Let’s be MARD; let’s be real men, and be the change.

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