Marriage proposal interview.

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Tanisha is 25; her parents are looking up for some grooms for her. She is an independent girl with, MBA in marketing and is a manager in a big company. But she was not fair, no I am not saying she was not beautiful, but was not fair.

One morning;

Mother: tannu, beta there’s a marriage proposal for you. The family is going to come with the boy today evening. Please don’t be late.

Tanisha: oh, again a proposal. What about the past three families that had came to see me last month and the one which came last week?

Mother: ahm.. Beta there was no answer the two families that came last month and the other one your father did not liked the guy and the one which came last week, the boy was in love with someone else.

Tanisha: ouch, with a laugh. That looks like people looking for jobs after their graduations and are still stuck with the list of interviews. Anyways, maa I have an important meeting today. And I might be late so don’t expect me to come and get ready like a typical Indian girl.

Mother: but beta, they are coming to see you…

Tanish cuts her mother.

Tanisha: maa, the past families that came to see me, saw me all dressed like you wanted. And you can see what the result was. Chill maa. If someone really wants to marry me, he and his family will see my heart not my appearance.

And she leaves, leaving her mother smiling how her daughter is so matured.

You see, when we grow up our parents have the fear of their daughter getting rejections one after the other just because; their daughter is not fair enough.

Evening, the guests arrives, tanisha arrives an hour late then them. As she comes she greets everyone and bows to take all elders blessings. She is dressed in her formals as she is just back from her office.

I am so sorry, I had an important meeting and so I am late. She gives her explanation to the guests.

The guy answers. It’s alright work comes first. And they exchanged a smile.

They sit and have tea together. Tanisha’s dad and the guy are having convo on job and politics while others are listening. The guy’s start asking tanisha some questions. Let’s name the aunty, Mrs Anita sinha

Anita: so tanisha, how is you job going?

Tanisha: its fine aunty, I am enjoying it.

Anita: do there be a lot of workloads?

Tanisha: oh yes sometimes.

Anita: so how do you manage to help your mom in the kitchen after you come home?

Tanisha: um… on Sundays, I tell mom to have some rest and I take over the kitchen.

Anita: ohh that’s nice, so what all do you know to cook?

Tanisha: dal rice, veg biryani, tea, coffee Maggie, some cakes and juices.

Anita: that’s it?

Tanisha: yeah. Till now I could learn all this, will learn rest all soon.

Anita: well you will have to, my son is very foodie.

Tanisha: oh that’s great, so what all do you know to cook, rajiv( the boy’s name)

Rajiv: err.. what?

Tanisha: what all do you know to cook? You are a foodie your mom just said.

Rajiv: I don’t know to cook. I am a boy, why should I cook?

Tanisha: well, when I can earn as much you can, I can handle the same position as you can , when I can listen to my boss being rude to me the way you can, why can’t you cook even though being a boy?

That brings silence in the room.

Tanisha mom dad looks at her in a shocked way so the guests.

There was a cousin of rajiv, named Krish. Who had joined Rajiv. He liked what Tanisha said and continued.

Krish: well I am impressed. That was something relishing to me.

Anita aunty: what nonsense is this, shut up Krish. Have you called us to insult. See the way your daughter is talking to my son. First of all she does not even suit my son, she is not even fair.

Krish: so what aunty? If she is not fair it’s not her mistake, at least she is different from the girls out there. She is brave, independent and confident.

Rajiv was sitting there silent enjoying the scenario which was like an entertainment for him. Tanisha mom dad tried to calm mother of Rajiv, but was with their daughter as they agreed to what she said.

As usual, anita aunty, did not say yes to Tanisha but next day, morning when tanisha was about to leave for her office there was a surprise waiting.

Someone ringed the bell. It was Krish with her parents.  Tanisha’s mom dad welcomed them and called Tanisha out as she was getting ready for office.

Tanisha came out and was shocked to see krish with his parents. Before anyone could say anything, krish stood up came towards tanisha got down on his knees and said

Tanisha : will you marry me, I have never met a girl like you, and I adore you the way you are. I always liked a woman independent confident and brave as you I don’t care if you don’t know to cook, even I don’t let’s learn together. . I really want to marry you and share my life with you.

Will you say no to such a proposal? So why would Tanisha say a no. She said yes and lived happily ever after.

I hope the message have reached and touched your heart.

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