Meet the ‘real’ Surrogate Mother

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What if she was doing it for money and had nothing to do with the life of the baby, it doesn’t mean she isn’t bothered about the one whom she is giving birth to. Her heart will always palpitate with baby, irrespective of the social and geographical boundaries which she is gonna possess once the baby is born and acquiesced to the ‘real’ parents, she will always remain connected to it. She is a mother above all, her heart will always strike for her baby doesn’t matter she has the possession or not. She kept him inside her body for nine months so she knows what its felt like. For others, she could be just a surrogate but they don’t know that she is the one who gave birth to her and and will always be the mother.


This all started when an Australian couple contracted Pattaramon Chanbua, a Thai lady for a surrogate baby. Pattaramon is a street food vendor and she decided to take a break from her job for sometime. The impecunious has nothing but this to raise some money for the betterment of her two children. 6-year-old son and a 3-year-old daughter. Driven by the absolute necessity of money she accepted the approach and decided to be mother of someone else baby. The Australian couple offered her a whooping AU$11,700 (€8,100), quite enough for an Lower middle class Asian to sustain her small family for an year or maybe two.


For initial months she raised her with a true care of mother, five months passed by and everything was hale and hearty until this confounding medical report left them in vain. The baby was detected with Down Syndrome and rare congenital heart disease. The doctors suggested abortion but the poor mother couldn’t approve it. When the Australians came to know about this report, they forced her to abort the baby but nothing changed. She simply refused, unable to summon enough courage to kill her own fetus whom she was nourishing and grooming from past five months. A Buddhist by birth and religion, she was always taught by her teachers and parents that everybody present beneath this azure has the right to live and sustain. You can’t decide who should be allowed to live and who shouldn’t. She didn’t compromise with her values and resolute to give birth to this baby.


By God’s grace, she had twins; A boy whom she named Gammy later and a girl. But the shoddy minded Australian couple took away the daughter and refused to take possession of the Helpless Boy. She didn’t panic; she didn’t had the required amount of Money to provide proper treatment facilities for the baby so she decided to invest the amount promised to her for surrogacy by the Australians.

Ms. Pattaramon, when asked about the reason behind possession of the baby firmly said “I wish they will love my baby… I forgive them for everything. That is the best thing I can do, forgive… it is best for everybody. If she is happy, then I, as a mother, am also happy. I don’t want to bring her back to suffer or anything. A mother would never want her child in trouble,”


She accepted the boy and began to raise him. This is when this case caught the attention of an Australian charity Agency named Hands Across the Water. The Australia based NGO understood the Blunder caused the two of their people and decided to help Pattaramon Chanbua by providing Aid to cure the baby. Massive online campaigns were launched and Donations from across the globe were made for the betterment of Gammy. The campaign was a huge success and it has raised more than $215,000 since July 22 to help the baby. Two Lakh dollars is a colossal sum of money, quite enough to treat many others like Gammy. Gammy was admitted to hospital and he is absolutely blooming under the nurturing of her mother. He is 7 months as of July and showed absolutely no signs of any health related problem. As the issue is smoking high, the authorities are trying to convince the Australian parents to bring back the baby to avoid problems but Ms. Pattaramon is in no mood to giving him to them. Since they didn’t accept him them, there is no guarantee that they will take care of him now.


The incident has raised several questions catechizing the sensitive issue of surrogacy. Lack of proper guidelines and mobility in the norms, basically altering geographically has created several loopholes in the process of having a surrogate baby. The social issues have their own implication; is it really ethically correct to have baby like this. We do support surrogacy- blessing for reproductively infertile or Homosexuals but we need to overcome the discrepancy. The present case seems to professionalize this very humanly issue, like a fish market: You pay the fisherman a good amount of money for a particular type of fish you want, next time you come to get your order and found one fish deformed or knackered and you reject it! You simply didn’t buy it because it is economically not feasible for you. Isn’t this the same what happened to Gammy?

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