To Men, With Love.

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While going through some materials, I came across this particular one article regarding what men think about female insecurities. And the evident misconceptions that the male kind have regarding us, made me laugh, literally! Okay, men may think they know us. Get this straight guys, you do not. It is never that easy to get into the mind of a female and understand her in and out. So, it is advisable never to draw conclusions on mere illusions, because then, you will have many surprises coming in your way, and you will not be prepared for it! So here are a few such misconceptions men have regarding women.

Women are illogical: Wait what? Okay, here is the actual thing. They are way too logical for you to handle which is why half the things she says do not really seem to make any sense! Sorry for sounding like a sexist! So getting back to the point, generalizing women as being illogical is completely wrong. Yes, we tend to make some mistakes while thinking, but does that not happen with every one?

Women are superficial: Okay, now this makes me laugh! Get this clear people; women are one of the most emotional creatures ever made. They have a tendency to think from the heart, most of the times. They make the best partners, parent and siblings, because the love and care to a limit which seems endless. Get it?

Women are materialistic: Some men have this idea that all women want from them is flowers, expensive dates, gifts, etc. WRONG. Completely wrong! Considering the fact that women are always tied with emotions, moments matter to them more than materials. She would any day prefer walks, intimate and cozy moments and close talks with her man. A kiss or just a mere hug will make her happier than you could ever imagine.

Women are all averse to science: Nonsense! Having an averse or distaste for science does not depend upon the gender, for God’s sake! It varies from person to person. You do not need to be a woman in order to not like science. If it interests her, she will lean towards it. If it does not, then she will not. As simple as that!

Women hate sports: Men have this very big misconception that being a woman means that romance will be her favourite genre of books and movies, her best TV channels are that which telecast the “Saas-Bahu” serials and that she does not even consider watching sports due to lack of interest. LIE, a big fat lie! You men speak as though the world has not witnessed a female sports person. Women make one of the best sports persons in all respects. Be it cricket, football, wrestling, name anything! And, she likes watching sports too!

Women are overtly obsessed with their looks: Wrong again. We are the ones who get up in the morning completely messy and spend the entire day in that condition if we do not have to go out. Even if we go out, and it is somewhere nearby just to hangout with friends, we will put on a pair of clothes lying just in front of our reach. And if it is a formal and important occasion then it is trouble for us, for the reason that in order to make ourselves presentable we have to go through a lot because we want to look a bit less horrible!

Women are dependent and they cannot make their own decisions: Women of today are independent in every aspect being economy or thought process. It is not just women who have difficulty in making decisions, it is the entire mankind. Every individual goes through this same problem not once, but numerous amounts of times. There are women in today’s age who are leading the countries, the industries, and schools and make all major decisions for her family. Yet, we are underestimated no. No matter how much good we do, people still will have a generalize idea. Sad.

Women would gladly sacrifice their careers to create a family: Our parents have spent a lot of money for our education. We have dreams and aspirations. Our capabilities are no less than that of a man’s. If a man would not want to sacrifice his career then why should women? Even after knowing their abilities? The only reason why we sacrifice our work is because we keep our priorities straight even though it makes us thoroughly unhappy. We keep the courage to sacrifice for the happiness of others. That is what makes us different from men, and we are proud of it!

Women like to be submissive: Would anybody like to be dominated upon? No. it is the same for us women. We can make our own decisions, protect and take care of ourselves because we are capable of doing that without anyone’s help.

Cooking comes naturally to women: Our mother’s have banged their heads against the wall because they think we would not get married because we do not want to enter into the kitchen half the time! Nothing comes naturally to anyone. People learn. Some expertise, maximum fail. True story!

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