Men, and their Outlook

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By god’s grace almost all of us are entitled to have opinions; and as a matter of fact it is expected by the unspoken laws of nature that all these respective opinions must be respected. However, there are some people residing among us, who have developed this kind of brotherhood, a platinum (read: rarity)  indeed in today’s world, where they share the same outlook when it comes to women.  That point of view is so displaced that only the word Ignorant has the courage to run through our minds when asked to describe it; and consequently, the more apt word of Chauvinist follows, and takes life in the form of our voices. You really can’t respect such an outlook, which does nothing but tries earnestly to boast off one sex’s superiority over the other creating discrimination; and discrimination of any sort is bad, especially in times like these when everything but ‘humane’ stuff makes the day’s news.
So, there are people, more specifically “strong, proud” men, who uphold the “Be a man” phrase very ardently, and are brainwashed by the wrong interpretations, which give them the false comfort and satisfaction that they are the supreme being on this Earth. Well, humans have already anointed themselves as the most intellectual being and what not; but we don’t know what sharing is, do we? Be it sharing food, or sharing a fake title like this, our human nature urges us to “fight” for supremacy. So, there it is; the physically stronger sex has dominated, and proclaimed themselves the better human.
“It is the 21st century,” they say; “Things have changed,” they say. Yes, the things have changed; we’ve mobile phones, and laptops to act as our weapons, and the Internet acting as our sole provider, but the whole mindset of most of the men is still the same. Yes, there has been quite an evolution with many women shaking off the “slaves” brand that they used to carry inherently then; but a woman, in the eyes of more than an army of men is still considered someone who is weak and incompetent; who needs assistance in every walk of life.
There are so many cases of rapes happening every now and then that it is perceived as a natural phenomenon in the eyes of many. We have developed so much when it comes to technology and everything, but we have certainly fallen short in the race for humanity. We call ourselves the most civilized species inhabiting the Earth, but we molest, rape, and then murder in the end as though the innocent soul was nothing but a trifle.
The problem of inequality doesn’t really start with these monsters of lust; the inequality quotient is applicable to humans, who have certain sets of constraints that barricade the thought process, however ill they may be owing to our human nature, happening in our brains from becoming the actions of our hands.
I am not the law maker here, but I really do feel that the monstrous rapists shouldn’t been treated as humans as they sure are the brand ambassadors of one of the most inhumane things.

It’s not a black and white film’s time’s scenario when a woman is expected to stay at home, and take care of the house, the children, and everything else that involves not going outside; and after all this,  they are charged with allegations by their ‘broad minded, proud, and hard working’ husbands that they don’t do anything. The house works because them, the husbands, “slog” their asses of in the outside world. So, the wives, unwillingly and, yet not forcibly, have “house” pre-fixed before their original title of being the better half of their spouses. These women whom I am talking about have accepted the delusional fact that they don’t have it in them to step outside the house and earn the bread.  When you trap a bird, and don’t allow it to fly for ages, it forgets that it can fly. In the same way, these women have become subjected to a trap that has darkened their worth in their eyes. So blinded are they by the wrongful assumptions of the society that are rammed up in their minds that they see nothing when they but just glance at the report showing their worth. Yes, men are tough, and stronger physically as I have already agreed upon, but isn’t it a fact that giving birth is the most painful thing? Talk about being tough now.
The husbands might argue that they care for their wives, and with all the vices galloping in this world today, they just know that keeping the mother of their children at home would be the best thing to protect them. However, a cage does protect a bird, but that doesn’t mean the bird is meant to, or should live its life in captivity. The “outside world”, as most fondly it is referred to consists of men in a majority; and it’s only the men who can cleanse this society of ours to its pristine level if they actually care for their wives, or even sisters for that matter.

The problem doesn’t end with this. There are women, relatively a small number, who are independent and all; but that doesn’t mean that they are spared the inequality’s wrath. Be it at the office, or college, or school, the “Men will be men” phrase holds true as the majority always undermine the female sexes, and are in a constant doubt if they would be able to do a job assigned to them. The “Doing the job full justice” part is often thought of as Utopian.

Women are asked to wear “decent” clothes, behave “decently”, and come home before dark. Well, this is very ironic as the men are the ones who do the most indecent things, which can clearly become the prologue to the book on inhumanity. As you expect a house owner to lock his houses, ‘cause a thief will anyway try to steal, in the same way, men indulging in eve- teasing is taken for granted, and it’s the women who have to bear the brunt, and are, at times, held responsible for the pathetic actions of men. The world is way too fair than expected I reckon.

Then there is the much talked about chivalry, which is dying. However, there is a very very thin line that separates chivalry from inequality. In my opinion, pulling a chair for a lady, giving her the utmost clichéd respect by adorning the most polite tone, and ultimately looking at her as someone weak is bullocks. What is the whole point? In this way, women are actually inviting inequality for a driveway. As they say that one thing leads to another, it is often that chivalry will yield discrimination at the end.
So, I feel that women shouldn’t really expect anything, from anyone. The world is not as beautiful as they have portrayed in the phrases anyway. It is full of humans, who apart from making delusional worlds, are selfish, and ironically inhumane.
I have the pleasure of knowing many women who don’t like to be treated with superficial care. Be it paying their own bills at a restaurant, or not taking help for their work; all these things do leave a mark, however small it maybe, on us; darkening our dreamy pride, and are making us realize that they can be better than the men in many things.

So, I’d like to end by saying that everything on this planet is worthy. Even a stone lying dumb on the ground has lots of usages. We just have to broaden our mindsets, and we will definitely see miracles happening around us.
Parents generally tell their sons that they should look at every woman as if she’s their sister or mother, but I’d say that every man should look at a woman as a human who is as good if not better than them.

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