Why men and women are different- A historical Perspective

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Women empowerment- sounds familiar to everybody. Everyone is talking about women empowerment today but nobody talks about Men empowerment. No, I am not bullshitting but this is true that we never tried finding out why there are two unique components of humanity- Men and Women are very unique components, actually they complement the nature. They are biologically created different and rely on each other for their sustenance, the question is what happened to this society historically that one became less powerful than the other. Why we are talking of women empowerment today even when both the sex are created equally with their respective roles to play in the society.

There are three reasons for the inequality – Three M’s for the Males and three H’s for the females. The three M’s which male possess has never been a power for women historically. The first M which historically as well as biologically the monopoly of men and still is the physical strength or the Muscle power. Male muscle power is different from the female muscle power-females have more of mental muscle power while male have more of physical muscle power- until and unless the female is not a heavyweight lifter or a boxer! So muscle power is always been the monopoly of Men since the ages. The muscle power of men can be divided into two phases- firstly he biologically born powerful and secondly he further develop his muscle power by heavy exercises and diet in comparison to his better half.

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The second M is the Mobility- Men, by tradition is always mobile. Woman on the other hand is always forced to live behind the walls. When ancient men first decided to create house for shelter, he decided to go for hunting himself to bring food and let her lady stay at home to take care of the belongings. The reason was his Muscle power which allowed him to hunt better than the woman. Since the tradition of woman staying at home and men going out become inevitable and accepted by almost every society in the world. So, mobility was an important factor contributing to the inequality among the two sexes. Since he was the mobile partner, he eventually became the earning partner. Muscle, Mobility and Money-the three M’s became the monopoly of the Males. Men takeover the primary system essential for their sustenance while female became the support system. Because of this, Men became stronger and important while women became weak and not so important for the society. This is where the monopoly of Men began. The societies accepted mothers as support systems for boys to grow and to rule the world.

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What has been the female strength historically? Let’s look for the three H’s that women possess which make them different form the males. The first H is Heart of a woman-On one hand the men was mobile, powerful and moneyed, the female nurture the family and societies with her warm heart and caring nature. This strength of a mother soon became or considered to be her weakness by the Men. The second H is Healing- the women by nature is a healer because she has a softer touch. This is the reason why you hardly see a male nurse in hospitals, the reason is simple; female touch is gentle and softer. Do you like yourself punctured by a big, fat guy in a hospital? The answer would definitely be a big No, because I don’t know the injection will cure you or not, the fear of it will definitely until your fear is soothe by someone who possess the natural aura of care and heal-the women. A woman is a healer by heart. There is no way by which a man could have this strength keeping in mind his masculine image.

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Third and the most important H is the Humanity and Heredity. She is the one who give birth to a children, Man can’t. Man, though participate in the reproduction process but only act as a messenger of biological information, the women is the actual developer. A women keep a child for nine continuous months before she give rise to baby. During these tough days she suffer unimaginable pain and suffering but doesn’t panic at all, she want her baby to be perfect, to free from any or all kind of problems- pre or post reproductive. If a woman doesn’t want to deliver a child, there is no way beneath the azure a man could get one, there is no way a mam can replace the uterus and placenta a woman. Physically, biologically he is incapable. The women has a sense of humanity, if there is no women, there is no birth.


The primary root cause of the inequality among the two components of the humanity is the difference between their strengths. The strengths of women are non- physical, they come from heart. While men possess physical strengths which let them think that they are superior to the better half of the society.  They don’t understand the value of women strengths, the day they will- I’m sure there won’t be any inequality.

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