The Mime Doll, That’s Me.

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Pinning the several strands of my hair I tried to look “presentable” as my mom puts it. Agrhh it is horrible when two people are literally decorating your face as if you are a dish that will be soon savored with delight. All through my school life and college days I never paid attention to what I am wearing or how do I look, growing up with my brothers I never spared a second glance in the mirror as the only thing that really mattered was that I don’t stink! Gross I know, but you cannot expect much from a tomboy now can you?

But being an adult comes with its own set of challenges, the way you talk, walk, what you wear, the tone of your voice, the pitch and even if one thing goes wrong out of those it can cost you a ‘guy’! (That is if you are a girl). So here I am arranging the folds of my sari before I go out there to play the role of a perfect daughter or rather a mime character! He must be probably the fourth guy I am meeting to see if we can fit into the photo frame of the best couple that my brother gifted me just to pull my leg.

Now as I advance towards the battle field with a tray full of snacks and two cups of tea, I try to measure my footsteps because mom said it shouldn’t be more than 5 cm as it looks ugly. Or maybe because it gives traitors sitting there a chance to asses me from every angle before they conclude that I am worth their time. Whatever it is, acting is my forte and this is my screen test, if I pass this I will get a chance to act throughout my life as a wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, mother and if I live long enough then a grand mom. I wasn’t suppose to held my head high up but keep it low instead, so that it shows the values or the understood laws of society were instilled in me.

Once I reached them I served the meal and bowed in a traditional ‘Namaste’ pattern. My eyes never once left the marble flooring because if they did I won’t be able to control myself from rolling them at how ridiculous and scripted all this seemed. Then I heard the old man sitting at my right speak as he commented how well behaved I am! My maybe mother-in-law i.e. if the male midget that I am supposed to get married to even turns up today, patted the seat next to her. As though inviting me to sit beside her, I went and sat there but not before taking my ‘pallu’ in my lap as graciously as I could. That earned me an another compliment from them.

I was answering the questions they had to ask, mostly nodding my head in a yes or a no and with a few words when required because girls should not talk much, some irony there I laughed on the inside! That’s when the king himself entered, the male midget off course! Not so gently taking long strides as he landed hid bum on the couch and gave an one word explanation for his late emergence “sorry”. Ha! as if that was even necessary, if it would be me in his place I would have gone bonkers answering every question that came my way with a justification. Paradox is one word that defines our society and the people within.

I took in his appearance, thick raven hair, brown eyes, prominent cheek bones, fair complexion, 5.8 tall and medium body wrapped in black formal trousers paired with royal blue shirt. 7/10 that’s him! I could already picture my mom doing a happy dance at her success of finding me a good match. He had nothing to ask and I had nothing to say, strangers we were. That was the first and the last time he came to meet me because we were married off soon. I passed my screen test and after that my acting skills never betrayed me. I gave up my dream to be a doctor because I can be a doctor whenever I want but I will not find a match this good ever again! Yeah right, fool I was to give up everything but I did not have the audacity to go against the society. Because that is something I was brought up to be “A MIME DOLL” and that is something which every Indian female has within her but it’s on her if she wants that side of her to overpower her dreams or she wants to rise beyond it and re-write her destiny.

I had the chance but I never took, I had the voice but i never spoke! That was me who you should never be because ” If the first woman god ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down, these women together ought to be able to turn it right again”- Sojourner truth. Choice is yours make sure that you make the right one, once lost is forever lost!

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