Has Your Mind Attacked Your Body?

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has your mind attacked your body1

I believe in natural greatness. And we negate this beautiful natural power by giving into petty, egoistic emotions and the behavior that goes with them. We must realize that emotions are not harmless abstractions or distractions but are vital, living forces. They can be harmful and harmonious at the same time. Giving in to mean, glowering and undesirable emotions does ultimately burst forth as disorders or illness in the body. Negative emotions contract your body, tighten your chest and transform you into a bundle of nerves. The list below paints a fair picture of the darkness we bring into our lives with our dark pent-up emotions.

  • Fear of the future literally gives abdominal cramps and can make anyone break into a sweat. And when there is an accompanying distrust of life, a full-blown panic-attack can send you scampering to the nearest hospital or clinic. When you feel too smothered by the events of life, asthama wheezes in. Fear can squeeze the life out of you and can also squeeze the fun out of life. (Psst I am in the last year of my graduation and the fear of what lies ahead and where I’ll be in a year or more scares the hell out of me and leaves me sleepless on most nights)
  • Anger brews up fumes we call bad breath proving that noxious thoughts lead to venomous smells. Anger also brings on high blood pressure. In trying to suppress fury, it just ends up collecting into a blood clot setting you up for a stroke.
  • Guilt sends you into a convulsion of self-pity and addiction, alcohol and drugs to help you forget, chocolates to comfort you conscience, fries and burgers to make you feel grounded. Guilt also cries for self-punishment so there are mysterious unexplained pains.
  • Self-disgust produces bacteria which lead to body odor and results in clumsiness and restlessness. Both Anorexia and Bulimia arise from hating you own body-type.
  • Hatred against those who incessantly impose on you, or take you for granted gets your throat and turns into hypothyroid.
  • Anxiety is something we all experience from time to time and it can cause rise in your blood pressure, insistent  headaches, It can also lead to insomnia and can weaken your immune system and may also lead to depression
  • Inadequacy is the discouraging little voice in your head which keeps you from doing things you want to do; it makes you accident prone and pushes you into taking up an addiction like alcohol or sweets. You start to binge; food/alcohol becomes a sort of compensation or refuge.
  • Resentment creates venomous thoughts that harden into an abscess or erupt as any skin problem. Fatigue and medically unexplained fever are an undercurrent poof resentment
  • Insecurity weighs on your mind and spine bringing on back problems and interferes with your digestion to cause gastritis. These insecurities may lead to water retention, allergies and premature aging.
  • A Rigid attitude stiffens joints and hardens arteries. And when irritants are allowed to establish themselves, they become tumors.

Now that was something, wasn’t it? However this does not mean that everybody gets the same illness for the same negative emotion. So why wallow in negative emotions and end up sick. So let us light up our lives with practical, holistic positive steps:

  • Rid your head of all expectations. As Shakespeare said “Expectations are the root of all heartache”- expect nothing and be pleasantly surprised at anything and everything that comes your way.
  • Know that you are not answerable to anybody except yourself
  • Believe you have choices. You can always choose to think and feel positive. Choose to believe in something that is bigger than you and silently supports you and guides you
  • Negative people spread and breeds negativity. If you can’t avoid negative people then gently guide them out of their negativity towards positivity and don’t allow yourself to be sucked into their negative universe of despair
  • Cut out unnecessary, elaborate and tedious chores or rituals that don’t contribute to your growth or peace of mind.
  • Don’t let your gadgets rule your world. Know that you don’t have or need to answer every email, call or text.
  • Stop overeating, start exercising and playing a sport
  • Put an end to whining. Stop complaining, judging and criticizing about anything and everything.
  • Replace every negative act or thought with a positive one. In good times, focus on the brightest of situations so that the habit continues even when the lights get switched off. Positive belief is a beautiful self-programming that forms a protective sheath for the curve balls life decides to throws at us.
  • Start saying “No” to people because it means it is a yes for you.
  • Accept the fact that there are some things in your life that you are not happy with and that they are a part of your life, which you cannot change, so stop worrying. Constant worrying takes a heavy toll. It keeps you up at night and makes you tense and edgy during the day.
  • Stop brooding, overreacting and over thinking. Start singing, meditating and fantasizing.
  • Don’t sweat over small, mindless stuff.
  • It is important that we protect our thought life because we can become no bigger, no better, no finer, no more successful than our dominant thoughts. A person’s thought life so affects the will that they are said to be product of their thinking.
  • Be Joyful. Hydrate yourself with joy.


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