Mirabai- The bourgeois princess

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The sacred bond between devotees and god exist since ages, our history is brimmed with examples of admirers who has sacrificed their souls to the supreme power. Some call them hysterical, other psychopaths. These devotes doesn’t belong to any caste, religion or society, they don’t want money, fame or power. They just want to devote their entire life to someone who they find the superior of all-The God. For them, God exist in many form and only the very sacred ones have to privilege to achieve that level of faith required to actually connect themselves to god.

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I am pale with longing for my beloved;
People believe I am ill.
Seizing on every possible pretext,
I try to meet him ‘by accident.’

They have sent for a country doctor;
He grabs my arm and prods it;
How can he diagnose my pain?
It’s in my heart that I am afflicted.

Go home, country doctor,
Don’t address me by my name;
It’s the name of God that has wounded me,
Don’t force your medicines on me.

The sweetness of his lips is a pot of nectar,
That’s the only curd for which I crave;
Mira’s Lord is Giridhar Naagar.
He will feed me nectar again and again.

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Long ago, one such devotee existed. Her name was Mirabai, yes you all must’ve heard this somewhere but why Mirabai especially? There are million others who are willing to sacrifice, whatever they have for god, that why not they?

The true devotee of giridhar nagger is a famous entity among the theists, either Monotheist (Believe in one god) or Polytheists (Believe in Many gods). Mirabai was always seen worshipping her lord Shri Krishna, like fine drop water ready to be a part of an endless ocean. Mira is that form of faith, an idol of true creed that every one of us wanted to be like. The faith, certitude and credence that she possess was an inevitable proof of the truth that she was a true devotee of Lord Krishna. Here are few beautiful lines vocalized by Mirabai:


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Who was Mirabai? Where did she born? Why was her bondage with Krishna and where she had been? These are few question which I tried finding out. Some say she willingly surrender herself to the endless depth of ocean, the other say that she went to South India, sick of her enemies. There she lived as a fake identity. People say that one day when the doors of the Temple were closed Mira was inside but when they reopen the temple in the morning, she was all gone! How she died or where she had been is still a mystery, nothing but one inevitable truth is her faith in Lord Krishna.

Born in a Royal family of Rajasthan, She was married to King Bhoj; there were no children from this marriage as Mirabai always believed herself to be married to lord Krishna. In 1521, King Bhoj died in a battle. After his death, the queen was circumambient by miseries and troubles; finally she decided to leave chittorgarh and move to Dwarka where she decided to live in a Krishna temple. The people of chittor were traumatized; the news of losing their beloved king and queen was quite a thunderbolt for them.Mirabai used to intermingle with people of all social classes and castes. Then, she would go around singing and dancing in public temples. It is due to this reason that, she had to face serious consequences. Her husband died couple of years after wedding knots were tied. Following her husband’s death, she was asked to perform Sati, a custom of self-immolation that is practiced by all Hindu widows, But she refused.

Mirabai love for Lord Krishna remain private in early days of her life but later when she was joined by others of her kind, she began to express her feelings by dancing and singing in public. King Vikramaditya, her brother in law, the ruler of chittor objected the devotion of Mirabai towards lord Krishna, her mixing with bourgeois and peasants and her lack of feminine modesty. When it came to the followers of lord krishna, Mirabai’s name always stood first and continues to be. It is believed that he tried to kill her several times, but failed. Once he locked Mirabai in a room for several days without food and water but lord krishna sent her a plate of food every day and in return she use to sang beautiful song for him. Few popular beliefs regarding Vikramaditya trying to kill Mirabai and Krishna saving her:

  • He mixed poison in the prasadam or charna-amritam of Krishna and made her drink it. But by God’s grace, Krishna changed it to Amrit.
  • He pinned iron nails in Meera’s bed, but, again by God’s grace they turned into rose petals. As she explains in one of her couplets ‘शूलसेजराणानैभेजी, दीज्योमीरांसुलाय/सांझभईमिरांसोवनलागी, मानोंफूलबिछाय’
  • He put a snake in a flower basket and told her that it was a gift from him to her Lord Krishna, but when she opened it she found a garland or an image of Krishna. This episode is referred to in her poems.

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