Misandry – A 2014 Buzzword

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If you watch Youtube videos or even have a Facebook account, then you must’ve probably heard this word.

Misandry: defined as the hatred of men or boys.

You see, with the hyper-expansion of social media and the vast network of overlaid and self-contradictory political correctness being engraved on our mainstream media, women’s rights have taken center stage on social networks. In fact, feminists now have a much wider audience than they could’ve possibly hoped for during the suffragist movements of the previous century.

BUT. Something else has cropped up.

Just as there must be a reaction to every action, accusations of misogyny have been rebuked with claims of misandry. And despite the unlikeliness of it all, “#misandry” is now a thing. It really is! Men everywhere are combating the “#feminazi#killallmen” movement with their very own claim to political correctness and prolix discussions on nothing. If a man makes an even slightly incongruous comments on a photo or video, he will definitely attract at least one woman claiming he’s a “misogynist so-and-so, or a right (censored)“.

But oh no, it doesn’t end there. Not by a long shot!

Because just like that, the our casual Internet woman has inadvertently begun a summoning ritual to the 5 random guys on the Internet who are so against feminism they’ll write an article on it. On Facebook! And from then on, it descends into a 100-post long thread of insults, taunts and poorly-chosen memes.


Because to be honest, that’s all it is. Lots and lots of words on two widely misunderstood issues. Feminism and misandry are completely different things. Trying to draw a correlation between feminism and misandry is like trying to draw a line between playing GTA and actually killing people - it only serves those who advocate political correctness!

In a world of so many multicultural societies formed by millions of migrant workers, students (and, well, Internet users miles away from us), there must be some sort of social control. That’s why political correctness (as a policy or ideology) was started back in the 70s. In order to help governments, companies and citizens learn how to cope with the globe’s changing demographics. What it was not intended to become was a stick to beat people with! Unfortunately, that’s all it seems to be now. In my vast travels through the ever-growing World Wide Web, I have witnessed tens of millions of trillions (okay, maybe not THAT many) of arguments raging on about how so many people are “offended” by this or that or him or her; and to be candid, it’s all nonsense to me.

Why? Because most of the time, people just claim to be offended to get more online popularity. Some might call it “black-hat SEO tactics” but I prefer to call it immaturity and a craving for likes!

The point is, misandry came as god-given manna to those who wanted a brand new and trendy way to make people angry on the Internet. Its really a great word for a couple of reasons, in fact:

a) Its intrinsically tied to a trending social issue (feminism), so its fresh and relevant. And way ‘cool’

b) Its very easy to draw lines between “them” and “us” (in this case, women and men).

c) You can always be the victim (after all, the bad guys are the ‘mensogynists’ and ‘womensandrists’!

d) You can attack a huge group (seriously – when you say ‘men/women’ do something, you’re claiming that 3.64 billion people do it)

And most of all,

e) It is literally applicable to ANYTHING! Videos, photos, songs, status updates  – you name it! Misandry is everywhere!

Except we all know its not. We all know that misandry and misogyny are real issues, but we also know that half of the stuff we blurt out on anonymous net forums is just nonsense. Why do we it? Because we’re really just seeking to have a little bit of fun? Because we’re humans and we’re inherently reckless? I don’t know, but we do it anyway, right?

Well I didn’t write this to validate that attitude. I wrote it because the year is coming to an end, and if we’re going to make New Year’s resolutions, we might as well decide to stop being the online-community-that-cried-wolf/boy. You see, what we don’t really realize is that by continuing to chant “Misandry! Misandry!” on one side, and “Misogyny! Misogyny!” on the other, we’re descending into a rabble of drunk louts arguing about which is better – Heineken or Budweiser.

We’re not preventing abuse.

We’re not helping victims of abuse.

We’re not even making sense of the futures of those efforts.

All we’re doing is plundering the loot of those who fought long and hard to give us a chance to express our thoughts publicly. We’re jeopardizing the legitimacy of the feminist movement. We’re making a ridicule of the idea that men can and are being abused. In fact, we’re destroying the logic of the political correctness policy. Even though the “PC brigade” (as they are not-so-fondly called) might not be pleasant, their role in society is important. Nobody wants a world where you can publish racist or sexist views on billboards. But the way we’re going, that is the only logical solution to this problem. If you say anything, you’re reprimanded for it. And then you’re reprimanded for reprimanding something – Repr-Inception! It all gets as tangled and timey-wimey as the movie!

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that we should learn how to approach certain issues. By turning the struggle for gender equality into a “Men VS Women” thing, we’ve gone back decades into a much darker past. Misandry and misogyny are real evils, and we should ALL seek to root them out of our societies. Feminism and masculism exist too, and they’re vessels for our opinions – we should embrace them and combine them into the much more inclusive gender equality movement.

So while, you might’ve had fun posting things like “#misandry” and “#misogyny”, try posting photos with the words “#genderequality” and watch your online popularity rise!

PS. We can in no way, shape or form be held responsible for your not being popular online. Either way, you’ll have done a great service to people seeking gender equality.

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  • http://southernfriedcommonsense.blogspot.com C.W. Roden

    Promoting violence against women or men in the name of political correctness is wrong, but you are right there is a huge difference between true feminism and women who are misandrists: one believes in equality while the other is just a hater.