The Modern Woman

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Gone are the days when women used to be an asset at home. Women no more sit at home and do the house hold chores. They have come out into the world and are competing with men in every field. They are walking alongside men and giving them a tough competition. Women are no longer the show piece they once used to be, meant just to be behind the curtains and do all the work while the men were on stage. Women have now given up the veil and have come out of their confines and are now matching pace with the world.


If you have been paying attention at all to what’s happening today, the dawn of women’s empowerment is here and here to stay. This is a new world that we live in. There are many benefits to this new world. I believe that the feminine has been so suppressed for so long, that the rise of the power woman in today’s world is a necessary part of mankind’s evolution to a more evolved and loving world.

The modern woman is confident and independent and can take care of herself. She does not fear anyone or anything and nothing can stop her. She believes in doing what she wants and does not back down when faced with a speed breaker. She might slow down but never stops. She stands up for herself and all women kind. She knows her rights and fights for them. She no longer lets people bully her into anything. She is not the same women men could intimidate and dominate into anything. She isn’t helpless anymore. The modern woman wears a smile on her face and walks confidently on the road without any fear ready to face any challenges that come her way.

And not just this the Modern Woman is beautiful in so many different ways, she expresses it, embraces it, feels it but most of all – she is beautiful in the way she gives, it reflects in everything she does. She is a role model and knows her self-worth and purpose. Even though she goes out to work this doesn’t mean that she neglects her responsibility as the woman of the house. She maintains a balance in life between religion, family, health and work life and does it perfectly. She is so efficient that she does not give anyone a chance to complain or crib about her work, be it her home or her office. Its like she is a wonder woman balancing everything perfectly without any mistakes.

Putting it in different words, the definition of a modern woman is her independence and the fact that she has a choice. A choice to do whatever she pleases to and not what people force her to. The right to choose where her life goes and how. Where she gets the liberty to live her life on her own terms. This is what modern women are.

But being a modern woman comes with a cost. As awesome as it is that women are kicking ass in this male dominating world, there are a few problems our modern women have to face. One of the most common problems is that the modern women of today have problems in finding love. This is probably because to be strong, women have become more masculine. These days many, many, many women have come into contact with and have started to believe that being powerful means being masculine.


On one hand where this masculine energy has helped women a lot to compete with this masculine and male dominated world outside this makes them more dominating and they have a problem in dealing with situations of love. Also many women from our generation were raised to believe that they don’t need a man.

Though the modern women have excelled in every field they are having some problems in the area of relationships. This is not entirely women’s fault, the men out are just have to get used to this self assertive and confident women who will no longer be suppressed by men. The world has to stop thinking of women as the weaker race, they need to realize that the women today are much more than that. And they have to accept this new woman and get used to her, rather than cribbing about it.

Women today are at the top of the world in any and every field be it politics or business, medicine or fashion, women are shining like stars and they are showing men that they are not behind them and are here to stay and rule the world. My great hope is that as the women of today become more and more empowered, and continue to outlearn and outperform many of the men of our time, that they remember that they can be the warrior at work, but if they truly want their king – they must transform to a queen at home. To all the powerful ladies out there, stay powerful, stay amazing and stay vulnerable – trust me, it looks great on you!

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