Monica Geller – The Epitome of Strength

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There’s a girl I know, well, not personally but one I’ve idolized quite a lot as a child and even now, whenever I watch her on TV, I know that she represents me quite perfectly and I say that with as much conviction as I’ve said everything else. However, she’s just a character, one so aptly portrayed to suit the mentalities of so many women around me that it seems like she was tailor made.
Her name ?

Monica Geller.

She’s competitive. Losing is not in her dictionary and that means that she’ll do all that it takes to win every situation she’s in. She’s driven and goes into it headfirst, wanting to excel at whatever it is that she does. Be it her intense ping pong match with Phoebe’s boyfriend Mike or the night of the Lottery Game with her friends, she gives it her best. That’s the kind of attitude that a woman needs. The drive to excel.
She’s bossy. As opposed to the usual mentality of most of our Indian women who tend to lower their heads at whatever instructions are being thrown at them, she’s a firebrand who makes the rules. Her never give up attitude of making sure that everything is exactly the way it is makes her one of the most outstanding women I know. Be it her rules of house cleaning or how a game is to be played, she’s sure of what she wants to do with her life and how exactly she wants it to turn out.
She’s organized. This is the part about her that I love the most. True, she’s borderline obsessive and compulsive but nevertheless she’s almost always right. Cleanliness is her thing and she makes sure to get things spick and span in a matter of minutes. Granted, her angled photo frames and perfectly positioned furniture is a tad too much but she still manages to get through at the end of the day. Her inability to leave her shoes laying on the floor make her quite crazy but the fact that she’s a hygiene freak is very intriguing.
She has a past. Like most of us, especially women, she has a troubled past. Her trouble is her weight. It always was through most of her teens and that’s what makes us all relate to the girl that she is. Every one of us has the one thing that defined our childhood and made us who we are today and almost always, that thing is depressing and difficult to deal with it. But her courage to battle that weight issue, especially after overhearing Chandler’s comment about her not being Ross’s ‘little’ sister shows that she’s ready to deal with any kind of challenge that’s thrown at her.
She’s not perfect. No one really is. She gets too shrill, she shouts too much and she controls everyone to the point of being downright annoying. She kills the uncertainty of parties and she’s always so well behaved. Her anger soars quite quickly and she’s a tad too needy at times. But aren’t we all at least a few of those things? Hasn’t she taught us, through the many years, that it’s alright to be imperfect and that imperfections are to be embraced?

She’s gorgeous. On the inside and out. She’s a beautiful brunette with a lovely smile and a wonderful heart. She’s exuberant and helpful. Her friends are always around her because she does the most amazing things for them. It’s the essence of life portrayed that makes her as lovable as she is despite the fact that she has many negative things about her that could easily make one not care. The episode with the Halloween candy surely compliments that.
She’s ALWAYS the host. That’s right. Be it a party or a simple get-together, Monica Geller just has to host it. This is further proved by her insane discomfort when their apartment got switched with Joey’s and Chandler’s and how her obsessive nature made her clean up the ‘dump’ that she got stuck with in exchange for her beautiful apartment. Most often, she’s cooking for the rest of the friends, trying out recipes and making wonderful dishes for everyone to eat. Her happiness is derived from the fact that others feel full with her delicious food. This makes her seem very selfless. All of us have that one secret pleasure that makes us want to do it for the rest of our lives. Mine is writing. I’m sure you have one too.
All in all, she’s an icon for those of us who fear to acknowledge anything in front of our eyes that may seem remotely rebellious or even a little out of the ordinary. She’s one character whose fearless determination and sheer confidence. Sure, she fumbles, but then again, so do we. She makes it seem like our imperfections are absolutely alright.

There you have it.

Monica Geller, a woman with enough craziness in the right proportions and correct situations.
A woman with her heart in the right place and her head in the right state.
A woman we all need to be.

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