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Who doesn’t know Monica Gellar? Monica, Rachel, Joey, Chandler and Ross are a huge part of our teenage and singlehood. I have made a century watching the re-runs of my favourite episodes. Maggi, Wai-wai, chips, chai, cola, dim lights, my comfy bed, my laptop and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

We had all night marathons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I was introduced to this incredible soap when I went to college. This is the only soap which has characters to which all of us can relate to. Well, my favourite character is that of Monica Geller and I totally relate to her persona. ,

A bossy neat-freak, who is super competitive.


I connect most to the obsessive neat-freak syndrome of Monica. I can so understand her idea of keeping a small vaccum cleaner just to clean the bigger vaccum cleaner, after using the bigger one for cleaning the house. I even remember one episode where she sneaked into an unknown’s place just to clean it, she could not bear the idea that a person can stay untidy. I can totally do that.

I am so obsessed with cleanliness that, before my exams I used to first mop my room clean, thinking that if my room would be neat, I would be able to focus better. But, the reality is, I would arrange the table, the book rack, change the bed sheet, mop the room and then finally take a shower. After the shower, I would be extremely hungry and after food I would be dead tired and would doze off. Finally, I would get up late in the evening and freak out that the 1 day I got for preparations, I wasted cleaning up my room. However, it never deterred me enough to keep me from not cleaning my room the next week. I used to wait until a week only because, I anyway had a maashi (cleaning lady) who came made up room every morning.

There are stark similarities between Monica and me when it comes to having obsessive compulsive disorder. I wash my hands almost 50 times in a day. Sometimes I find myself infront of the wash basin after every 10 minutes, I repeat it so many times that even I forget why I went to wash my hands. Nonetheless, I am there quite often.

For me, the next obsessive cleaning spree in line is that of cleaning clothes. I buy all kinds of detergents, powder ones, liquid ones, fabric conditioners, stain removers, Dettol, neel (indigo) and fragrances. I get a weird kind of pleasure to watch my clothes spin off in the washing machine in a pool of foam. It does sound unusual but I share this feeling with one of my closest friends. We used to do our laundry together. We would take our loads of dirty clothes to the common laundry room and spend hours talking, watching our clothes spin off in pool of froth and then spread the fragrant semi dried clothes on hangers and trust me that gave me a sense of stress release.

In all these years, I have come to a conclusion that there are two kinds of women. One, who love to cook, that is their stress buster. They chop, mix, fry and cook. This gives them a way to release their stress. I have many such friends who right after coming back from office, rush to their kitchens and cook their heart out. And then, there are others including me, who find cleaning as a stress buster. Every layer of dust that they wipe out, wipes out their stress after a long at work or a depressing thought and a bucket full of clean fragrant clothes gives them the same feel as a half an hour of spa. Well, I know, Monica too felt the same.

In one of the episodes of season 1, Monica is unable to sleep all night because she left her shoes out of place. She tries and tries hard but the thought of her shoes lying astray would trouble her so much that she would keep wondering and wondering on till she finally got up…Do you also do that? Cause I do.

I have had trouble sleeping so many times if I haven’t cleaned my kitchen clean or if I haven’t folded my clothes properly or I haven’t adjusted the soap in the soap dish neatly. I can’t tell you how hard I try to forget, let go and sleep. I roll, think, sit, curse myself and then finally give up and get up.

Sometimes, I tell my dad, I must have been a cleaning lady in my last birth, I would have been cleaning to earn my bread, otherwise, how can I have this extremely strong affection to dirt. It attracts me more than anything, even shopping. Just imagine!!

I think, cleaning is one of passions, just like Monica’s and I think we all have a Monica Geller in us, for some it is about cleaning, for some cooking, for few some other thing. Whatever your stress buster is, it is important that you stay comfortable, release your stress and smile!! Remember you are not alone!!!


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  • Monalisa Sarkar

    This is sooooo me :D

    • Kanu Priya

      hey monalisa!! nice to know …i found 1 more monica :)