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In the era of rapid development the only thing that remains permanent is change itself. Technology and science has escalated the speed of our lives to an unimaginable level. We hardly have time to think and act upon the life’s most crucial decisions.
Today, women are expected to cope with lot more than they were expected to until a few years ago. In a patriarchal society the man is seldom expected to manage the household tasks along with her female counter parts, the woman on the other hand is expected to manage family and work together.

A girl aged 25, who has barely set foot in the corporate world and is at the inception of her career, is married off. She is then faces the challenge to begin everything from the scratch. Unfair as it may be but it does not end here. The girl, who is just accustomed to her new life and her new home, is then expected to climb the next ladder and become a mother.

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In the society such as ours, where the mother is believed to have the primary responsibility, the women face the dilemma of selecting employment or motherhood; one must be sacrificed for the sake of other.  On one hand she has her job and career that she has struggled for all her life. Like any other man she has been through hardships and pressure to succeed, to be better than everyone else. At that point of time how can she throw away everything she has worked for day and night?

On the other hand is her wish of becoming a mother. Deep down inside her she knows she is a woman and there is no greater joy for her than holding her child in her arms, showering all her love on it. She has the desire deep rooted within her. But then is it all worth the things it demands from her?

Perhaps, there are facilities such as maternity leave and things such as the pregnancy discrimination act, but the real scenario is quite different than what we believe. According to the survey, only 53% of the employers pay salaries to expecting mothers. Although there are several laws to protect women from such discrimination on account of being pregnant but they are seldom adhered to. The woman then fears that she may have no way out.


Statistics reveal that more number of women work outside. In every field the sex-ratio has improved over the years. Few years ago not many women continued to work after marriage or at least after becoming mothers. But today we have an altogether different situation.

Women all across the globe seemed to have no choice left but to take the risk of delaying their pregnancy. They are aware of the increased risks of delayed childbirth but still the average age of women giving birth to their first child has crossed the 30yrs limit.

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The women today, in spite of being more capable more educated have to make this choice which is so hard for them.

Women who let go the chance of becoming mothers at a younger age are looked at in a despicable manner. In most of the cases she has to move against her own family and relatives.
Women during this stage undergo a lot of mental pressure and abuse. They are termed as heart less and money-minded.

What they do not realize is that, for a working woman her job is not just about the money she earns it is about her identity, her faith in her, her freedom and her independence.


Surrounded by people who so easily put the blame on women, some women even start to believe that it is their fault. They tend to convince themselves that it is their duty. Some women also give arguments as “they felt a need to parent their child”….!!! I wonder do ever men feel the same way.

Why are women expected to understand and never expect to be understood? We have seen women believe that motherhood is their call. It is genuine to feel concern for your child and be tempted to put everything aside but when women do this the real question is forgotten.

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The problem today is, not that women work outside their home; it is that why men are not expected to co-operate and fulfil their responsibilities as a father? Why the men who just shake the responsibility of their shoulders so well accepted but the woman so abhorred?

Till the day the world realizes that the tide has turned, the women are no longer just mothers, daughters, wives and sisters, they now are CEOs, editors, photographers, directors also, women have to choose the forbidden path. They can no longer be expected to stay in the house and sacrifice everything in name of family and children. They will be forced to take the risk of becoming mothers till the age of thirty and thirty-five.

Till then our future is uncertain, we never know what the time may bring…..!!!


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