The Mother of Dragons

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Game of thrones is one of the most popular TV shows in the world. The mix of medieval politics, sorcery, taint, sensuality and mind games makes it a fodder for all fiction geeks and nerds around the world, me included. It was an immensely successful series of novels which was adapted into a television series by the masterful David Benioff and D.B.Wiess. The mere thought of being thorough with the material of the book and refraining from making it into a movie, showed the intent of the writer of the book, George R R Martin and the directors of the TV series. Game of Thrones, or GOT portrays the story of Westeros with its King residing in the King’s Landing. The throne is constantly being fought for and the iron throne is the most sought after object in the realm. The show opens with Robert Baratheon, of the house Baratheon, the king of Westeros visiting his old friend and loyal subject Ned Stark, who is the Lord of Winterfell, which lies to the noethern portion of Westeros. King Robert asks Ned to be the Hand of the King after the death of the previous hand under mysterious circumstances. After much deliberation Ned accepts his friend’s request and they ride to Westeros together like the time when they fought the old Targarian king whose tyrannical rule was getting out of hand. His children were taken to Pentos after his death as guests of Illyrio Mopatis. His elder son was Viserys and his daughter was Denaerys.




A subdued and sheltered soul, Daenerys is a blond haired beauty. Having lived her entire life under the shadow of her brother’s rashness and arrogance, Daenerys was forced into marrying Khal Drogo, the fearsome leader of the warrior clan, Dothraki. Her brother Viserys traded her life for the Dothraki army because of his ambition to conquer his late-father’s thrown. A high-born well-bred royal girl, Daenerys was forced into the harsh ways of the brutal Dothraki tradition when he forcefully had his way with her. Khal Drogo was a powerful man and Viserys was foolish enough to believe that he could be used. Daenerys slowly learnt the ways of being a woman which enticed Khal Drogo into loving and respecting her and through the progression of time she learnt the lesson of Queen-ship. That sweet soft-spoken girl who was constantly undermined by her brother was now a sentimental queen with the majority of the Dothraki army willing to obey her without any hitch. Upon the show of pertinence and arrogance by her brother, she rebuked him, which angered Viserys. In his eyes, she was still the sweet blond disposable doll which he had raised. He tried to conspire against her and got his result in blood and gold. Khal Drogo dipped his head in a molten pot of hold when he tried to hurt the Khaleesi (the wife of Khal and the queen of the Dothraki) and so Viserys got what he always wanted, a permanent crown of gold, etching his head. A strong and confident Khaleesi’s world came shattering down when Khal Drogo was brutally injured by a combatant in his army. In an attempt to regain her husband’s lost life, she tried to trade her unborn child’s life with that of Drogo’s. It lead to her losing her child and regaining an undead husband.

Daenaerys possessed three dragon eggs that were considered comatose, which were given to her as wedding presents. She put up a funeral pyre for her undead husband and she entered the funeral pyre along with those dragon eggs. She come out of the fire, in a triumphant and electric scene, where she is starkly nude and the dragons hatch from their eggs. Tragarians are supposed to be the rulers of the Dragons and the momentous occasion of the hatching of those eggs gave Daeneris the title of the Mother of Dragons. She was set on her path to rebuilding her lost queenship with a handful of loyal Dothrakis and three infantile dragons.




The khalasar and she moved to the city of Qarth where she resisted the attempts of the guardians of Qarth to steal her dragons, and managed to amass an enormous amount of wealth by capturing Qarth wealthiest guardian. Having gained an enormous amount of money, the Khaleesi now needed an army to conquer Westeros. She went to Astapos to buy the army of the Ansalids and on seeing the treatment meted out to these warriors, she planned to take the leader of the Ansalids to justice and free the warriors. Their freedom added to the love and loyalty for Daeneris in their minds and soon Daeneris had a loyal army beside her. Since then she had conquered numerous lands and had established herself as the queen.

Daeneris Targarian is a beacon of feminism in its utter purity. She is sensual and strong, just yet dominant. The character played by Emily Clarke is a fan-favorite all around the world and all we wish as fans, is for her to conquer Westeros with her Dragons. She is an inspiration to all those women who have given in to despondency. She asks of her slaves to free themselves mentally, and I ask of you to free yourselves. Be the queen that you were meant to be, rule the lands that you were meant to rule because there is a Daeneris inside all of you.


Dany and Xaro talk, Dany speaks of her wish to rule the Seven Kingdoms

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