How a mother influence a child

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‘Maa’, ‘mummy’ or ‘ammi’ we may call her by different names according to our moral values, customs or religion but we value her as same. She is an incredible lady not just because she raises a child but because of everything she does. She’s magical, She’s a faire, She’s a complete all rounder. She can do anything.  Often it is observed that child Utters his first word ‘Maa’ .People may come and go but she remains the same. She is that selfless lady who always remains beside us as a guide, philosopher or may be inspiration.  She shares our sadness and celebrates our happiness without demanding anything in return.  She is the head of our family.  One can’t live a day happily without her. She is not just a mother; she plays many roles throughout her life. She is also a Daughter, sister, Friend, wife etc. Since childhood we are so much dependent on our mother, right from basic needs to emotional and social needs.


She also has her own world, own dreams and own life but she gives priority to her children. She makes herself available her children first and later her life or may be never her life.

A mother plays an important role in shaping a life of a child. No matter how must moral science a child learns in his or her school life, the one’s taught by her mother are valued the most. A child never feels that he has to earn his mother’s love; a mother always showers her love and blessing to her child. Many famous people have been influenced by their mothers. Patrick Henry’s mother was known for her remarkable conversational ability. Sir Walter Scott’s mother loved poetry and literature.  Susannah Wesley found time to give each or her nineteen children a one hour Bible lesson every week.  Two of her sons, John and Charles, became the co-founders of Methodism.

However, as a child m he gets influenced both by his mother and father, still somewhere a mother plays a crucial role in nurturing a child more than a father. Her bright eyes give a sense of belongingness to the child. A mother starts to care for a child before he sees to the world; it’s true a mother nourishes a child right from her womb. According to Dr. Kyle Pruett, author of “The Nurturing Father,” an infant can tell the difference between male and female interaction from 8 weeks of age. Even if the woman in his life isn’t his mother, but provides most of his hands-on care, he learns to seek out her touch, her warmth and her comfort to give him the security he needs as he develops.

As a child grows, the woman in his life becomes a perfect role model for empathy. Women are said to be more rational than men. If a group of men will sit together they will talk about what they have done and will do, whereas if a group of women will sit together they will mostly talk about others. And hence a child learns to give interest to other’s lives.

If she is a girl child, then from a tender age she starts to learn her responsibilities. As she grows up her mother teaches us to handle men as well as how to keep themselves safe from wrong men. The more she grows, the more she becomes beautiful and reflects her mother. She begins to know herself more and also begins to know others. Although a girl prefer to pay more attention to her dad still she understands a mother. She wonders how a lady can perform so many functions so beautifully but she also know one day even she has to do everything and play a multi role in the family. She starts to learn cooking, maintaining long hair and all basic works to make herself as her mother. Hence a mother plays a complete role in shaping a girl child.


If he is a boy child, then from a tender age he learns to value women. He is taught to respect his mother and sister. He learns sharing thing with her sister more than his friends. He never disrespects any girl because he knows how he would feel if someone disrespects his sister. He learns to help and support girls from a tender age. When a boy stays around females from a young age, he forms a strong bond with them and understands to their sensitivity, this way there remains less chances of a boy hurting a girl. Hence a mother also plays a crucial role in her boy’s life.

Mother's Teaching

A father is said to be more direct than a mother. He is stricter over a child than the mother, this is the reason a child is more likely to attract to his or her mother than the father. Say it a pencil box or a pair of socks, for every silly reason we prefer to ask our mom, because we believe she is a super woman and can do anything which not even a father can do.

“youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall. A mother’s secret love outlives them all.” said by Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Raneeta Pal


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