Mother- The All-Rounder of a House

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Who is MOTHER? She is someone who is with us from the day we are born, till the day she dies. It is not just being with us, she takes care of us in all means. She is the only Human Being in this Earth, who will not tell a ‘no’ to whatever we put in front of her, whether it is an order or a request. She is a wonderful Human Being who only wants to see the well being of her children and her family. When we are too small to even open our eyes, she feeds us with her own blood, cleans our PEE and she will have to get up at late nights because of the alarm (cry) made by the baby. When we grow up a little, she does not give us her blood but will change her blood into sweat and run behind her children to feed them and help them in all means. Then when we reach our adolescence age, she will protect us from the strangers, and sit with us and helps with our works. When we are matured enough, she will start running behind the marriage brokers, in search for the best partner for her child. After our marriage, she will have the memories of her children and will wait eagerly for the day to play with her grand children.

Being a Mother is not a simple task, she has to take care of her children, house keeping, take care of her hubby, and go to work (if she is appointed in some firm). This is not easy at all. But she does all this without saying anything against it. She has to get up early in the morning, cook food for breakfast and for lunch, when this cooking is on process, she wakes up her hubby and has a warm tea in the early morning with him. Then she goes back to kitchen and takes care of the breakfast and lunch, meanwhile it would have been time for her children to wake up, she goes and fights with them and pulls the lazy children out of the bed, then runs to the kitchen again. After this she again goes back to her children, rushes them to the bathroom, help them brush their teeth and fills the bucket with water and asks them to bath. She comes back and starts cooking for the breakfast and keeps the uniform ready. After the children are ready, she serves them and her hubby who is also ready for work. When these children are having breakfast, she will pack the lunch for her husband, children and for herself. After the children have done with their breakfast, she accompanies them to the bus stand for their school bus. After they are gone she comes back to home, haves her breakfast and then gets ready for job, and leaves with her husband. This is not easy at all, but she does all this expecting only love from our side.


In the evening, when the children comes back, she will have to prepare some snacks and milk for her children. She would also have reached at that particular time from her office, but without any laziness she gives them. And if she has a son who doesn’t go along with the family on the basis of food, she will have to make separately for him. After all these, she will get some rest. Then again she will be into the kitchen for the dinner. While preparing, she will have an eyes on the children who are at their school works. She goes to them, sits with them and helps them with their home works. Dinner would have been ready by this time, she along wither family has the dinner. After dinner, she runs behind the children, to put them back in bed. After the entire circus, the children would be put in the bed. Then she goes to bed, while lying on the bed; she will have to plan for the next day’s plans and activities. This routine will carry till the children leave the house after they get a job or after they are married. But she will hate that, she doesn’t want them to move away from her, because she loves them to the core.


Even on Sunday’s she will have to get up early, because the house would have been untidy from the whole week. She wakes up in the morning, prepares the breakfast, and cleans her house completely. It is not just wiping the selves and the floor. She cleans them completely, first using water, then a disinfectant and again a round using disinfectant. When this cleaning work is done, she goes and wakes everyone in the house, and haves the breakfast with them. After the breakfast, she goes back to the kitchen and starts cooking the lunch. As it is Sunday, she has to prepare something special. She has the lunch with her family and takes a small nap. Then in the evening, she has to get up and prepare some snacks and milk for her children. After having snacks, the children would have left the plate and would have spilled it on the floor. She takes the plate, cleans the floor and sits on the sofa and takes some rest. By 7 – 7 30 p.m. she goes back to the kitchen for dinner. She prepares it and then calls everyone in the family for dinner. After the dinner, she makes her children sleep, sometime she will have to tell a story for her children. Then she goes back to kitchen to wash all the plates and vessels. After washing, she goes back to bed and plans for the next day.

Being a mother is not like we go to school or work, it is very difficult. She, without a ‘no’ does all the activity and serves the family like a servant, expecting nothing out of it, but for the love from her children and her hubby. Mother’s are great, lovable, loving, human being in this world. None other than our mother will be there with us, when we cry. She takes us close to her heart and consoles us. She is the only one who will support our mischief. She is the one who saves us from our father for our wrong doing. She is the one who cherishes our success to the core. Love your mother, and don’t make them cry because of you at any point of time.

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