Mother’s Brutality nurtures a Beast

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This is the real life incident which shows how brutal a man can behave to his wife… I was shocked after hearing that pitiful woman’s life and the sufferings she has undergone and finally the dreadful state of that woman is heart breaking.

The story about her begins…..

Vishali was a beautiful young girl of age 19. She was the only child to her parents and they were rich. From her childhood whatever she wishes will be attained. Such was their care and love towards her which finally lead her to take foolish decisions. She completed her 12th public examinations with flying colours and joined a highly reputed college near her home town. She had good friends and enjoyed her college life. At that time she comes to know about Rakesh who has secured state first in 12th public examinations. He was a good looking guy and highly talented. She was impressed by his studious behaviour and started to fall for him. The main mistake she has done at the beginning itself is that she did not give a damn about his character or more about him. We can say it as a mere attraction too. He from the beginning refused her and tried to get away. But she did not give up. She followed him, went back and showed more love towards him. At one point Rakesh too agreed to her and they both were committed.

She told about Rakesh to her parents. They too were happy and her father came to know about Rakesh through various trusted people. He was sad after hearing that Rakesh was not that good natured guy. When her father told this, she refused to accept it and was adamant in marrying only him. They tried to a maximum level and having hope in their daughter’s choice, they agreed for their marriage. Their wedding took place in a grand manner. For few months they lived happily and Rakesh got opportunity to fly to abroad.

Since Vishali was pampered too much by her parents, she is not yet ready to lead a life as house wife. So she was not familiar with cooking, maintain the home so and so. But on the other hand Rakesh was a perfect guy who expects everything to be perfect and as expected by him. Once she made fault with cooking. Rakesh got angry and threw the food upon her. Her face and hair was filled with hot cooked food. From that time started her bad fate. After few days she gave birth to a baby boy. He was neither affectionate towards the kid nor to Vishali. Every day he used to find faults with her and whack her in a brutal manner. At first she tried to console but later she became too weak and fear filled her life. Whenever he enters the house, her bad time will pop up. All these activities she did not tell to her parents. Poor girl made her life miserable by falling for a beast. One day his beastly actions reached the peak resulting in brutally wounded her by whacking. Her neighbours can’t tolerate the miseries of her so they conveyed the information to her parents. They were almost dead on hearing this news. They immediately went and rescued her and brought her to India. But what use, she was bed ridden and in coma stage. She don’t have the strength to feed the baby too. That beast was arrested by police. After repeated questioning as how he is this cruel, he starts to speak out.

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Rakesh when he was small, like other kids loved to play a lot. He was good at studies and used to get 1st rank. But though he gets 1st rank, if at all he loose one mark too he will be punished and beaten by his mother. In that fear itself he will learn. He was brought up with life filled only with studies, marks etc. according to him, if at all we so a single mistake too we need to punish them brutally. Then only the mistakes will not be repeated and they will learn it. This thought got into his heart in depth. The main reason for this kind of thought to get buried deep inside his heart fully goes to his mother. He hated his mother to the core so as all women. So even when he got state 1st rank his mother scolded him for loosing few marks. Such a monster and heartless was his mother. Having brought up under such circumstances, he failed to learn about how to treat people in a right way and be affectionate to them. This was the reason why he refused Vishali in the beginning. And when she starting doing minor mistakes, it reminded him about how his mother had brutally treated him and so he did the same to her. But it resulted in killing their life.

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Mothers we know you are very much interested to make your children perfect but there are certain ways to mould them. This is not at all the way to teach our children. Now look at your beastly natured son.. are you happy? So guys marks ranks are not important compared to the good values that we teach our childres. Please do keep in mind this fact.


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