Mother’s Day-The Real Story

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Mother Day is celebrated to honor mothers and the motherhood, and the influence the most admired human being in the society. Mother’s day is celebrated mostly in spring that is in April-May. The celebration of Mother’s day was begun in USA, in the early 20th century. This celebration in USA was not similar to the celebration that have occurred throughout the world in these years, such as the Cybele of the Greek, Hilaria of the Roman people and the Christian Mothering Sunday (it was for the mothers of the church), but to honor the Mothers of the society. Despite this, some countries celebrate Mother’s day similar to the older traditions. The USA was the founder of the Mother’s Day, and it was first celebrated on 1908. Ann Jarvis was the one who started the campaign in 1905 in the name of her mother Grafton, the year when her beloved mother died. Ann’s wanted to honor her mother by continuing the campaign and she wanted to set aside a day for the mothers in the world who has done more than anyone in this work for you. Ann’s mother was a peace activist who took care of the soldiers who were wounded in the civil wars. Ann’s mother also started a Mother’s Day work club to address public health issue. Ann’s campaign had a success and several states recognized Mother’s Day as a day to honor Mothers, and the first state to recognize was West Virginia, Ann’s home town in the year 1910. In 1914, Woodrow Wilson, the then president Of USA signed the proclamation creating the Mothers Day, in the second Sunday of the May, a national holiday to honour the mothers in the country.


Although Ann’s efforts were fruitful, she was angry for the companies who used Mother’s day to their advantage in selling Mother’s Day cards. By the 1920’ many companies have started selling the cards, Ann was embittered and she even tried to revoke the Mother’s day. She says the holiday was supposed to be sentimental and not for profit. She crashed a candy makers meeting in Philadelphia in 1923. Two years later she protested at the private meeting of the American War Mothers, which was raising money by selling products related to Mother’s Day, but Ann was arrested for disturbing the peace in the society. Ann’s Effort was not only seen by USA but also by all the countries in the world. The main motive was to show our Love and Gratitude towards our mother who has done so much for us. She did not want us to buy a bouquet, greeting cards and such sorts of things to our mother on the Mother’s Day. There were observances which honoured their mothers in the early 1870’s, but these never went beyond the local level. Jarvis Ann always told that Mother’s should be a singular possessive for each family and not a plural including all the Mothers in the world. Although USA celebrated the Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, many countries adopted their Mother’s Day in different days.


OCCURANCES                                   Country

Full Moon Day in January                 Myanmar

Second Saturday of February          Norway

March 3                                                           Georgia

March 8

Afghanistan          Azerbaijan

Bulgaria               Croatia

Albania                 Belarus

Kosovo                 Bosnia

Kazakhstan          Romania

Armenia               Laos

Macedonia           Montenegro

Romania              Slovenia

Serbia                  Tajikistan


Fourth Sunday in March

Ireland                  United Kingdom


March 21

Bahrain                Comoros

Djibouti               Yemen

Egypt                    Iraq

Jordan                  Sudan

Kuwait                   Libya

Lebanon               Syria

Mauritania            Oman

Palestine               UAE

Saudi Arabia        Somalia


March 25                                        Slovenia

April 7                                            Armenia

First Sunday in May

Hungary               Lithuania

Mozambique        Spain

Portugal               Romania

May 8                                               South Korea (Celebrated as Parents  Day)

May 10

El Salvador           Mexico

Guatemala            Slovakia

Second Sunday of May

Anguilla                 Antigua

Aruba                   South Africa

Australia               Austria

Bahamas              Switzerland

Bangladesh          Barbados

Belgium                Taiwan

Belize                     Bermuda

Bonaire                  Tanzania

Botswana               Brazil

Brunei                    Tonga

Denmark                  Zambia

Cyprus                    T&T

Cuba                      Curacao

Colombia              Turkey

Chile                      China

Cambodia             Uganda

Canada                 Dominica

Ecuador                 Ukraine

Estonia                  Ethiopia

Fiji                           USA

Finland                  Germany

Ghana                    Honduras

Greece                   Grenada

Guyana                  Hong Kong

Italy                         Jamaica

Japan                     Iceland

Kurdistan               Latvia

Liberia                   India

Liechtenstein        Macau

Malaysia                Netherlands

Malta                     Netherlands

Philippines            New Zealand

Puerto Rico           Zimbabwe

Saint Lucia            Pakistan

Samoa                  Singapore

Sint Maarten         Peru

Sri Lanka               Suriname

Uruguay                 Vietnam


May 15                                       Paraguay


May 19                                       Kyrgyzstan


May 26                                       Poland


May 27                                       Bolivia

Last Sunday of May

Algeria                   France

Haiti                       Senegal

Tunisia                   Madagascar

Morocco                 French Antilles

Mauritius               Sweden

May 30                                      Nicaragua


June 1                                       Mongolia (Celebrates Mother’s Day and  Children’s Day)


Second Sunday of June             Luxembourg


Last Sunday of June                  Kenya


August 15                                   Costa Rica            Antwerp


Second Sunday of October         Malawi


October 14                                  Belarus


Third Sunday of October             Argentina


Last Sunday of November           Russia


November 3                                 Timor Leste


December 8                                 Panama


December 22                               Indonesia


Other Calendars

Occurrences            Equivalent Georgian               Countries


Shevat 30                  between 30 January and               Israel

1st March

Baisakh Amavasya   between 19 April to 19 March        Nepal

Jumada al-thani        May 24 in 2011, May 12 in 2012     Iraq

and May 1 in 2013

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These are the dates in which all the countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day. In the Catholic Church, this day is for revering the Virgin Mary. In the Hindu Tradition, the Mother’s Day is also called as “Mata Tirtha Aunshi”, and is celebrated in places where Hindus live more, and this kind of celebration is found mostly in Nepal.

All the Human Being around the world will celebrate Mother’s Day and make their Mother Happy. Make your Mother the happiest person in the world on the mother’s day by surprising them and love her to the core on that day because she loves you to the core on the other days.



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