A mother’s day surprise!

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Happy mama’s day..! Dhruv yelled and jumped into his mother’s arms. He gave her a card he had been working on for the past three nights waking up after his bedtime to finish it. His mother was just very happy to know that he remembered and knew on top of that getting a card made by his 6 year old son made her day. This was the first thing in the morning when she went to wake him up him up. His enthusiasm made her smile, she had a shine in her eyes, she was happy.
On the very same day get older son Rahul got up got dressed and went to school without even wishing her. She didn’t mind it, he probably had a big test or something and maybe that is why he was so quiet this morning. She sent the kids to school,put the card beside her bed and got to work. She cleaned all the rooms fixed the beds. As usual everything was thrown here and there, the pillow on the floor the bed sheet half hanging off the bed. She just smiled to herself and put the things back in place. Next she would start cooking lunch for the kids. She decided to make something special today. She made their favorite dishes and by the time she was done cooking it was already 12:30 or so. In about two hours Ravi would be home for lunch with the kids and they would have a nice time. Already tired she went to sleep thinking the kids or Ravi would wake her up. She woke up and it was already three, had she overslept, was anyone home yet,these questions kept running through her mind. She got up to get a glass of water and decided to call Ravi. Ravi picked up and said that he wasn’t coming home for lunch today as he had an important meeting and that he was sorry, she said nothing and wished him luck. Next she saw a note on the freezer door saying that Rahul will be out late with his friends, charu’s mom was taking the kids out for a movie and that Dhruv was at his friends place playing and he would pick him up on his way back. She felt a little disappointed and sad, she had worked so hard to make then a nice lunch and none of them bothered to come home for twenty thirty minutes so that they could all have a nice lunch together like a happy family. But no everyone had other plans more important that their mother on Mother’s Day. One day in the entire year, was it that hard for them to just make her feel nice for one day. She did that for them for the entire year without a single word or complaining. But they could not would not. She felt very bad and decided to tell them about it that night. Even she has a right to not like certain things and for once have people do things her way.
She decide to do something fun all by herself, but before she had to wash the clothes or the kids will not have a uniform to wear the other day. However angry and mad at them she was she still cared for them and made sure everything was always there for them. She went on to wash the dirty laundry which would took her an hour or so. After that she went and looked at the newspaper for the movies running at the mall. She decides that if her family wasn’t going to make her feel nice, she would do that herself. She would treat herself that day. She went out to see the latest movie, ate pizza for lunch, roamed around the place, looking at things enjoying her day. Still at the back of her head she was feeling sad. She came back home at around 8, hoping Ravi and her kids would be back by now and deciding to tell them how she felt.
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She opened the door and alas she was stunned. The whole house was decorated with balloons and streamers and there was a cake on the table saying thanks mom and there were gifts and cards all around it.
As soon as she entered, everyone yelled to wish her. She was overwhelmed at this and started crying. She thought to herself that while she was out having fun everyone was preparing a surprise for her and working hard to make her feel happy. They then had a good time laughing and sharing stories,thanking their mom for everything she did for them and had a nice time together.
Mother give us everything their time, love, care and don’t expect anything in return and do all of this without complaining even one bit. So rather than having just one day, we should thank her everyday and make her feel loved and special, because she does that for us everyday without even us having to tell her. So why just this one day in the entire year, we should make our mothers happy everyday of every week and love them and take care of them just like they do.

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