Mother’s Day Tohfa : Giftwrap A Memory

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Her day starts at five
Ends at eleven in the night
First a daughter, then a sister and a wife,
Now, she is our “SUPER MOM “who is very bright.

She is always tensed about us
Whether we are at play or school
Although she has to work for all of us
She never creates a fuss!!

Fulfills all our wishes
Cooks us yummy dishes
Encourages us, motivate us, tell us
“Never take decisions in a rush.”

She can dance, she can sing too
We wonder “What is that she cannot do?”
Behind this calm and silent lady,
There is a whole package of vibrant energy

With a smile on her face,
She will be with us throughout life’s pace
Words cannot express
How much we love you
Hugs and kisses are countless
In this universe for you!!

As far as I can recollect, I had written this poem on a blue colored sheet with prints of some medium and small sized yellow leaves dipped in green paint, skillfully creating the perfect prop for my poem. I was fourteen when I had tried to express my feelings and love for my mother on a very special day – Mother’s day. The shine in her eyes followed by pearl like tears, I have not been able to forget that picture and every year on Mother’s Day, my mother reads this poem aloud and hugs us to her bosom.

Mother’s Day is celebrated to honor mothers and appreciate motherhood. It is a day when we express our love, care, feelings and emotions towards our mothers. It is celebrated on different dates in different parts of the world. Generally, the dates fall during the months of April and May in the Northern hemisphere and around October in Argentina and a few other countries. Anna Jarvis from the United States was the first to promote the concept of “Mother’s Day “ and fought for this day being recognized and declared as a holiday. She was of the idea that every family must honor their mother as a singular possession and not attribute plural possession to it and hence it is written as “Mother’s Day “and not “Mothers Day”. Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in most parts of the world.

Mother’s Day has been assimilated into the Indian culture as well. It is not observed as a religious occasion mostly celebrated in big cities where children try to show their love and pay respect to their mothers. A mother is held in high esteem in our country and paid homage on Saraswati Pooja Day or during Navratri festival.

So have you thought about making this Mother’s Day special for your mom? This year Mother’s Day will be celebrated on May 11. If you haven’t figured it out yet, here are a few simple things one could do to make your mother feel special and make her day memorable. Buying her a pair of shoes or an expensive handbag or cosmetics of her most loved brand is a kind gesture. But doing things your mother unlooked-for would bring more happiness than materialistic possessions.

• Firstly wish her a tight hug and plant a kiss on her forehead saying “I love you mumma “as soon as you get up in the morning on Mother’s Day. You have 24 hours to make her feel special. Make 24 small greetings cards with simple messages on it and give it to her according to your convenience.

• Cook for your mother – Your mother must have spent half of her life after marriage cooking in the kitchen. Cook her favorite dish. You could look up for the recipe from the internet or on you-tube and probably bake a simple cake or something of her taste.

• Spend quality time with her – Watch her favorite movie, however old and boring (Boring for you) it is. Sit and talk to her about your friends and school / college. Ask her to share some interesting incidents of her college life or about the kind of outings she had in her younger days. Recollecting old memories is an excellent stress buster and would definitely make your mom happy and feel nice.

• Reversal of roles – This is the best gift your mother could receive from you, undoubtedly against your will. Your mother gets to live one day as you and you would become the mother and take up all the responsibilities. Let her relax and have fun and do things according to her wish, while you do or get the work done!

• Celebrating Mother’s Day does not mean that you have to show how much you care and love her only on that particular day. If you still decide to do so , then on all the other 364 days , make sure you write down one good thing you did every single day ( if you helped someone or your actions bought on a smile on someone’s face and so on ) and present it to her on the 365th day. Nothing in this world will give her more happiness when she learns how well as a person her child is.

• Praise your mother’s beauty. Tell her she is the most beautiful woman in this world. Praise yourself. She is a mother only because of you, a beautiful child as you are.

On a closing note, make efforts to celebrate this Mother’s Day in a different style with bags full of love, warm kisses, tight hugs and a touch of immeasurable gratitude and appreciation.

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