The road, and women!

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women driving  biker

I say the word ‘bike’, and all the masculine flavoured words come running into our minds in the wink of the eye. Tough, style, class , machismo; well, all these words are neutral when asked about their gender, but our mindset has become a prey of narrow thinking that we’d think of sugar as bitter rather than remotely associating bikes with women. Why? ‘Cause we have come to the awesome conclusion that it’s not their thing.
Well, people thought and believed that the Earth was flat until Ferdinand Magellan took the courageous step of going around the globe. Although it didn’t change everyone’s perspective, but he did instill that worm in everyone’s mind that made them question the authenticity of all their beliefs, and made them think about what they were following.
It was Magellan for the world, and it’s Urvashi Patolefor the Indians. Urvashi is a 25-year-old founder of India’s first female biker club. She’s credited with pioneering the whole concept of exclusive women motorcycle club.
This club, known as ‘Bikerini’, giving a feminine touch to the masculine perceived word of ‘bike’ took birth in Pune 2011, when Urvashi had finally realised that men bikers are like mosquitoes as they are eveywhere, whereas women riders are too less to spot.
It’s not that women never used to ride in groups before 2011, that is before Bikerini took birth, but they never went on long expeditions; and thus this group becomes the pioneer in its own class!

There is a misconception that has been painting the walls of our brains with the thought that women are not meant to drive or ride; and on the contrary, men are ‘born with the skill to be the masters of the road’. Why not? Even the dinosaurs might have thought that they are immortal. Such misnomers are too common to take notice of on this lovely planet of ours.
If we see a woman driver, we assume that she’s  an “L board”, and if we see a woman rider, we drop our jaws and curb the urging thought of clicking her picture!
Women might be extra careful on the road, and going by their nature, which is developed owing to their motherly heart, they are definitely more careful than men. Most women don’t believe in travelling with high speeds, and rash driving, and thus, they are branded as the nincompoops of the road.
If the majority fancies junk food, and you eat the healthy stuff that includes varieties of vegetables, it doesn’t mean that you don’t know anything about the food.
If everyone is breaking the signal, and she love to abide by the law, you are at fault, not her.
The narrow mentality, propelled by the wrong impression of them being the tougher sex, has given most of the male drivers and riders a false pride, especially when they are on the road.
Three years back, when I had finally witnessed eighteen revolutions of the Earth, I decided to fulfill my all time craze of getting behind the wheels. I had a basic idea about how to drive, but was that enough? I mean I had a basic idea about Physics too, but still I was going for tuition. So, I decided to enroll for driving classes. I broadcast-ed this decision of mine, and within minutes after my friends, who are guys, had learnt about this stand of mine came to me, and enlightened me with something that would save me my pride and money. The latter convinced me to listen to them.
So, they said that driving classes for for females. Apparently, we, men are born with the sense of driving. It’s in our blood.
Blinded by the fake pride poured upon me I decided to take my father’s car out as once; and then, as expected, I crashed it after five panic stricken minutes of long appearing drive, and got my ass busted by my parents. So, no, men are not born with anything except the reproductive part, which might be termed as extra.

It’s a usual scenario when the male drivers/riders try their best to bully their female counterparts. Somehow,  it hurts their dignity
to even think of women and motor vehicles together.
We had a driver. I know you assumed it to be a he. Driver is one of the finest examples told to a child when him/her about neutral genders. However, our not so broad minded thought process, amalgamated with the accepted discrimination of the world compels us to think of drivers as male. This is sad. We can’t change anything unless we change our thinking!
So, the driver of ours was a proud man. Female drivers are too rare, and if we hire them, the responsibility of their safety falls upon us, and we are too lazy to initiate a change, right?
The driver of ours was too good. By too good I mean he almost followed all the traffic norms, and didn’t over-speed. This last characteristics of his was the main reason my parents kept him on the job in the first place. However, like how everything in this world has its own flaws, our driver had too. If any female overtook him, deliberately or non deliberately, he wouldn’t care. “How could a woman overtake me?” is what reverberated in his mind, and I know this ’cause the effect of the commotion happening inside his brain was reflected on his face; and adorning the boots of Schumacher, he would think that it’s a race track, and he’d just give his all to overtake her lady, which is did indeed on most of the occasion. And, that moment of overtaking when the two cars are side by side, he’d give a look to the lady, which radiated arrogance, and was sign that read ‘You know who is the boss now!’
My driver’s discriminating action is practised by many, and it has become so common that it can be referred to as an ‘involuntary action.’ This not it. There are incidents when people have resorted to eve-teasing while travelling on the road. To picture all this it might seem a perfect scene from a Bollywood movie, but this is the reality. When harassment is being meted out to girls on the Internet, what makes you think that an engine with some wheels would stop the retarded behaviour of some men. It becomes all the more exciting with the speed involved!
Women drivers are not that hard to spot, but like how you treat an endangered species, we ought to learn to treat them with a little more respect. Just because they don’t indulge in breaking the laws, or they are a little more careful doesn’t mean that we have the right to question them. If, by some miracle, we make the roads more safe, more women drivers, and even riders will come in; and that would definitely be a great sight!
To all those who think overtaking is a matter of pride, I’d just say that they need a better bottle of life!

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