Who moved my Cheese???-Time to Change to the Changes

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This is a famous story which deals with motivation and inspired me a lot. So I would like to share my views and thoughts through this story.

Once there lived two mice named Sniff and Scurry and two little men named Hem and Haw. These four lived happily as neighbours. Everyday these four will wake up have their daily routines and will go to the nearby cheese station. There they will enjoy having stomach full of delicious cheese. Sniff and Scurry are active and calculative. So every day they used to wake up early, wear their shoes and have a jolly walk through the path and enjoy having cheese. But Hem and Haw started to grew lazy by the day. So they woke up late and lazily went to the cheese station and had it. They laughed at Sniff and Scurry for being active. But they did not consider them and followed their works.

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Our life is also the same. When we have resources in hand we won’t cherish it and treat it well, which means we will develop over confidence that things will be as such throughout our life which is insane. This thought will not help in this fast changing world.

One day everything changed…………..

One fine day, as usual Hem and Haw went lazily and entered the cheese station but they were shocked to the core when they discovered that the cheese station is empty. Both Hem and Haw started to over react and settled there worrying. Being as humans, they were filled with complicated minds and had wild imagination that if we wait for long sure cheese would turn up for them. So they settled there and waited desperately for the cheese. Slowly day by day they grew weak. Every day they used to come to cheese station and return only with disappointment to home.

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But in case of Sniff and Scurry, it is different. Being as mice, they are with simple minds and when they found out that the cheese station is empty, they were not surprised like Hem and Haw as they were expecting it. Every day they noted the slowly disappearing cheese in the station. Thus after that they did not waste their time. Sniff sniffed through the path and ran through the maze to find out their new cheese.

While here Hem and Haw, lost in thought. Haw at times popped up and asked his friend that we need to move out to find out some new cheese. But Hem was determined that cheese will soon turn up. So Haw’s little hopes too faded away and joined his friend. A week passed away and Haw made his decision. He told his friend that he is going to find out new cheese and invited him to join him. But Hem denied. So Haw left him and moved out.

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Haw’s encounter towards new cheese……………

In the beginning, he was in dilemma that he will not find any cheese and the unknown path is dangerous. But he mustered up courage and went through his decision. At first he did not find any cheese but continued to search. He even marked up signs for Hem that his friend will change his mind and at that time it would be easy to find the path. After few days, he came across few scraps of cheese. He was delighted and had. He even stored some for Hem. Though the journey through the maze was mysterious, he felt it new and refreshed.

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His spirits grew in a positive manner and continued his encounter. After some more days surviving with few scraps of cheese, he came across a new cheese station in the end. He was astonished and felt over joyed to see that this is the biggest cheese station he has ever seen. To his surprise Sniff and Scurry have already reached this place and were enjoying their cheese. At that time he felt that if at all he had moved out and accepted the changes earlier, he would have reached his destination long back. But now too he felt happy after succeeding and starting enjoying his feast. He even loaded more cheese for Hem but it was too late. As Hem was determined in his decision, he has to pay for it. From this Haw learnt that we must be glad to welcome changes in life whatever it may be. Further, he realised that changes only promotes into wellbeing rather than misery and dangerous as he had thought long ago.

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So Haw did not stop with this. Instead, every day he used to take a note of the amount of delicious cheese left and he was ready to accept the changes as changes makes a person new and helps to find his potentials.

Similarly, most of the people are like Haw. We are afraid to accept the changes and thinks it might lead us to dangerous track. But the truth is changes often comes into our life to lift us and lead into a most beautiful path to achieve our goal in a successful way. So friends we must understand the main concept in this and should be ready to move our cheese in a delightful way to become the great successors of the world.

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