Movies move us

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A movie is a perfectly blended combination of the breathtaking, and moving essences of writ prose, poetry so formed, thoroughly infused with a strong concoction of the best theater presence the actors have in them, brought forthright by the director’s passionate demands to bring evoke a sense of life from the mere script, and the added musical themes give birth to that heart rending feel, gives further life to what is being played out, and in all, with just about the right proportions of all things art put in and shaken well to stir out the clumps.

Music has very many genres to soothe the souls and perhaps bring about even more positive change. There are proven facts saying that music is indeed a good medicine if channeled in the right direction; it can cure patients of their diseases in its own mellow way, it is a wonderful catalyst–almost like sunshine–for plants to grow healthier and better, is a great anti-depressant, strengthens bonds and with everything being said and heard, it is very magical.

When its only audio that does so much magic and miracle, it is only fair enough that movies bring forth reactions that are much more explosive–in a positive way, of course–and mind blowing than anything at all that music alone can do.

A photograph is a small slice of time captured forever in a single frame, bound to last forever unlike time itself; it is like how the taste and texture of a slice of cake leaves you happy with a bright smile on your face even after it has been long since you ingested it, you would remember that light bliss forever.

I suppose it should be well within sane speech to say that movies are a mighty expansion of photographs. The only basic difference is that the pictures in the movie frame move a lot faster than in the always still photographs. The subjects who are real people in most cases on frame depict real life in the most humane ways possible. A movie is perhaps the larger version of Broadway, but that is not always so. Broadway is a major musical production but movies are way more than that, with musicals being another entity in the large list of genres that movies comprise.

What first started out to be limited to silent, no-voice action with a stark and strict black-and-white background slowly evolved to the seamless streaming both audio and video. With technicalities improving and developing on a good pace over time, we are now in the age where a scene in which movies are turning out to be larger than life is slowly dominant; movies now are so bright and colorful, with the number of hues ranging to thousands or even more. What is on screen is portrayed in such a way that the viewer actually feels that it is all happening right in front of him, that he can touch it. Science is dealt with, and used in that manner which enables the incorporation of three, four or even more dimensions perhaps. This 3-D technology is usually used to project thrilling movies to draw the audience more closer to actually feel the action, and all that. A special pair of glasses is all that is required to have an up-close experience of movies.

There are movies produced in all languages, with the centering plots and layering themes varying on oh so many topics. With its expansive coverage, movies are now very easily open to controversies that bring about big conflicts taking place even between countries when things reach a peak.

Movies catering to different mental intakes are classified, based on carefully considered parameters and are thus awarded ratings that deem them safe enough to be watched by the prescribed age groups of people. Adult-rated movies normally require for identity proof to be produced upon entrance into the cinemas, but sadly, that much-needed routine is slowly starting to fade. This is how even the youngest of children are exposed to what they really need not know.

The messages that movie-makers want to induce in their productions used to be humane, and moral. With that, more and more people found inspiration from what they watched, and inculcated good ethics in their lives. In contrast, today’s productions are rather blunt with absolutely no sense or message enfolded in them. The current younger generation is only of the belief that landing roles in movies brings them that lady who is the embodiment of fame, fortune and success. Another blind faith they hold is that the only elements of movies are bling, glamour, glitz and shadowy songs. This is sad for the most part. This is owing to those meaningless movies that come rolling out one after another, always having crowds rushing at it. Due to those, so many productions that are truly fantastic, even beautiful, are being forgotten; they don’t get the due attention and praise they deserve. Besides just that, that awe-inspiring message they carry is lost out, and never reach the people.

A movie is a giant stage, a bigger theatre performance, a fond memory or a bad one perhaps, and a great gift to us all if utilized well.

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