Are Movies responsible for degrading Women’s integrity?

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We all love movies, not only love we are addicted to them. We all have favorite actors whom we intend to follow, as if they are the role model in our life. We are so attached to them that we watch all their movies too and have tendency to follow those movies; but to follow the movies blindly is good?


If we talk particularly about Bollywood movies, they are various categories available as Indian culture is vast and directors know what kind of stuff Indians will like. Along with moral values movies also they show us the path which leads to degradation of Women’s reputation in society. Bollywood movies are the perfect blend of love, enmity, anger, revenge with the pinch of spices. If we talk about the love stories, stories are far way hypothetical in real world it is very difficult to make it real. Majority people in Indian society, still not accepts the love marriages and the movies encourages them to do so and they rebel against their own parents. Sometimes the so called couple is not fit for each other but due to influence of movies they marry against their parents will and they end up even worse.

Eve teasing is a nuisance to society. Men who don’t have any work to do sit on the road side or any corner and just pass comments to every girl who passes by. They have no fear of anything and they even don’t think about the girl what she must be feeling when the group of men will scan her from top to down and pass vulgar comments on her. This very thing is very popular in Indian movies, people stand around the corner teases the lead heroine and then hero rescues her. But my dear friends, there is no hero coming for that girl she has to face all the consequences all by herself. Sometimes in movies a bad guy falls in love with the beautiful girl and then he chases her wherever she goes and helps her sings song for her and finally girl’s heart would melt and she accepts him and they lived happily ever after. This was the scenario of movie, in real world girl is haunted by that bad she is being followed wherever she goes and in public various songs are dedicated to her and everyone mocks at her and she feel embarrassed. If the girl is strong she will either fight for it or she will make herself strong enough to face that daily, but if the girl is not strong than she will either lock herself in the house.


Actually there is no problem with the guy; he just followed the character of his favorite film as it is shown in the movies. He went behind her, gave her gifts played song for her and what he expected was the approval not the rejection. Sometimes man take the rejection very personally, if the girl rejected him it seems the matter of do or die to him and to regain back his reputation he haunts the girl until she agrees to marry him. Even if she doesn’t than only thing man knows to ruin any woman’s life is to “rape” her. Once she lost her reputation in society, her parents (if they are narrow minded) will themselves send her to him and hence he will win and again a girl will lose her battle.

Sometimes men get different ideas to rape a woman from the movies only. The way they plot the rape incident is mostly inspired by movies only. In the movies, the way the man approaches for rape and brutally molests the victim is the same way which is being practiced today. People are so influenced by the movies that they tend to follow each and every thing even the fatal crime like rape. Moreover in the movies sometimes it is portrayed the extra martial affair, this very thing affects the marriage too. Sometimes man and woman both loses hope from their marriage and finds shelter in another relation rather than solving the disputes. They find it easy to nurture another relation rather than mending the last but the real ones. They both easily tell lies to each other and enjoy their affair but when they finds out that they are not the only one who is cheating their partner is also cheating on them they realize their mistakes but the correct and actual time had passed by then and the result is divorce.

There are many movies whose story line runs around the subject of home violence; the in-laws learn various tantrums to harass their daughter-in-law by them. However the story ends by rescuing the victim but by then it’s too late for them to understand the real concept they just settle with the concept of harassing the girl. If a character in movie demands that lead lady should play the role of prostitute wearing inappropriate clothes and if the same kind of clothes if some other girl wears than she is also misunderstood and is looked upon with a doubt.

With the above article I just want to request all the people reading the article that movies are not real they are just the dramatic adaption of a story which have some meaningful message to deliver(sometimes!). It is clearly mention with the start of the movie that “all the characters fictitious there is no resemblance with the reality” than too we follow them blindly without using our brains and commit mistakes in our real life.

Stop following movies instead follow your mind!

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