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Anybody who had seen at least one Bollywood movie knows how critical a role music plays in it.The songs,the background music and the score is an inseparable part of movies,like a king’s life is stored in a parrot so is movies’ life stored in the music, pull it out and you are left with nothing. A Bollywood movie is incomplete without music, sometimes it is not required but yet our films are ‘feeki’ without music.The percentage of movies without any sort of music is a lot less than even a percent.Well that says it all as to how important a part songs play in our films. Protagonists are happy-song,they are sad-song,they are in love-song,they broke-up -song,someone dies-song,in short there is a song for everything and anything.

cinema and society and mirror images of each other,movies tend to depict the trends in society and mostly what movies depicts becomes a trend in society,so its like a two-way road.Today’s cinema is changing drastically and so is the music,for what the X generations says our music(the current one) is mere noise, meaningless and a severe cause of headache.I agree to disagree with them, our music clearly and perfectly depicts what we are.We are noisy,fun-loving,lively people who are free spirited and work on their will.Our songs are fast and sometimes noisy ,but so are we.And for everyone who finds them meaningless,I have a lots to say.Except a few irritating and senseless songs rest are actually quite sensible,the sense they intend to convey can be a little uncomfortable or weird for few,but one thing cannot be denied that they make perfect sense at certain places.


For instance,few of us or maybe a lot of us might consider ‘yo yo hunny singh’ and his work meaningless.But if you listen to them carefully they actually suit the purpose,be it for a party celebrating break-up or admiring someone’ s high heels,the motive might be a little abrupt but the meaning is apt.And since when can do we look for meaning in entertainment,what is soothing to hear or makes your feet tap is good music,at least for me.Music in it’s original and pure form can be subjected to critical views and that to by those who posses great expertise in that area, but what we here are talking about is typical Bollywood music,which is meant to add to the movie and highlight the emotions,till the time it serves it’s purpose it is perfect.

The romantic and slow songs are soul-touching and nobody can question about this.There can be no comparison between music of different ages and there is not any need for it either.But saying that songs have vulgarized with type is so not justified.If the public,the audience is becoming more and more open about things,about relations and lie styles so it will be depicted in movies and songs,it is just change of perception and nothing else.And as for item numbers,well nobody should comment on their meaning,visualization and music because they are meant to be that way-to attract anybody who hears them or watches the video and I guess all the spices in the song work to the fullest. In typical Bollywood masala movie ,music is the backbone so it has to be catchy and hep to capture the essence of the movie and the attention of the audiences.

Generation X has always been complacent about the element of ‘sex’ and seduction in our(Gen Y ) songs, but I have seen quite a few old songs and seen videos and there are no where less as in the quotient of ‘sex’ in it.Helen,bindu,zeenat and all actresses have flaunted their body to the most,done whatever that the censor board could permit.So why is there such enmity or rather  dislike for today’s music.

Music never harms anyone(nothing that i know of,oh! yes if in controlled volume,)so categorizing music as good and bad is not appropriate,music surely can be classified as one i like and one i do not which is not similar to the first categorization.

Change is necessary ,listening to same kind of music and seeing the same videos would not work and if we have stuff similar to the old one,then actually there is no change.We have different cars,houses,living styles so why not a different and changed type of entertainment.Music Is a resort,an escape from life,a mode of entertainment and relaxation so commenting on its genres and setting standards is kind of dumb.Someone likes slow music while other might love rock,someone else would be into something else.A piece can be soulful for one and annoying for another so to each his own.Enjoy your type,cherish your quality time with your music and change the song if you don’t like it, because cribbing and complaining would not do any good.So plug  in your favorite song,listen to it and sing out loud(till the time others do not mind it!).

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