The N to Z of being a woman

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This is part two of the article that describes the positive words from A to Z about how essential women are in our lives. We’re now at N and are making our way down. These are the essential things one needs to focus on about women, so, read on!

This applies especially to a mother whose job never ends and is round the clock with her weeping children and her unending responsibilities. They say a mother knows best and that’s because she never really stops to take any rest and that makes her super efficient. But to work almost 20 hours a day and still have the strength to do it 365 days a year is beyond commendable.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Even though she’s had the toughest day she still manages to keep her spirits up and high. She’s positive the next day will be better and if not that one then the one after that is sure to be. With that attitude, she moves on in life, never allowing any pain to bring her down.

I know that people say women are emotional and aren’t capable of handling practical matters but that’s far from true. Hell, I myself know lots of women who have made it big. Women don’t get high paychecks because they cry. It’s because they have the business mind and ability. Who said that just because women tend to be a little more sentimental than men are, they’re not realistic and efficient?

Every woman is qualified. Even an illiterate one. Compare a man who can’t read, speak or write in his language and a woman who can’t do the same things. She’s still a qualified mother, cook, cleaner, washerwoman, caretaker and so much more. That’s why they say an educated woman is equivalent to an educated family.

She’s just and fair. She doesn’t usually make a wrong move consciously especially if it’s going to hurt the people she loves. Her morals are high and her values unreachable.

This quality of hers requires a standing ovation.  After day and night of struggling with the children,  her parents and her spouse, as well as her in laws sometimes, she’s still capable of not committing murders. She’s still patient and quiet, letting it all slide with a few unintentionally harsh words that she’ll later on, surely apologise for.

While she’s subservient and understanding, she’s also capable of getting what she wants. When she sets her heart on a certain something,  you know she’ll get it done through her mildly emotionally blackmailing ways. She’s tactful and precise, using equal amounts of persuasion and dignity while making sure to get what she wants.

She’s very patient with all the mischief she has to deal with in her life. She understands how one can be capable of mistakes and she understands that people don’t mean to hurt her. She understands and empathises with others’ pain as well as their misery and learns to make her own needs take a backseat so that the others can have their way.

Like I’ve said before,  she’s Valiant in her efforts to excel at being all the pivotal roles she plays in our lives. As a mother, for her children to succeed. As a wife, for her husband to be satisfied. As a daughter, to reduce the burden on her family. As a sister, to cause less pain to her siblings. As a grandmother, she rests at the head of the family, making sure everyone’s grown up just right.

It’s difficult to catch a woman pass a lewd remark or scratch her privates or even pick her nose in public.  She’s never used the road to relieve herself or the furniture stores to go rest her feet. She’s always mannered and polite, knowing that whatever indecency she needs to portray, if any, she should do within the privacy of her four walls inside her own home where no one will catch her and have anything harsh to say.

She’s sensual and sexy and so damn appealing to a man that not one is capable of taking his eyes off her. A woman has the powers of seduction in her hand and she can wrap a man around her finger if she wishes to.

Even if she’s seventy,  her work never ends. My grandmother is 75 years old and she’s always walking around, doing her own work and helping out my mother as much as she can. I find this admirable and amazing because it isn’t too often that we can say the same of the opposite sex after they cross the 50 mark.

Her energy grows no bounds. This is a word one can used to sum up the excitement she has as she looks forward to the years in her life with as much zeal as she can muster and she moves ahead with boundless comfort and ease of forward-looking as she embraces all that life has to offer her and so much more.

With that, we come to an end with these series. The best thing about them is that in more ways than one, all women fit in to the essential A to Zs.
Till I come up with another, here’s to hoping you’ll keep reading on.

Respect Women.
They deserve it.

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