Normal girl.

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You all know this girl living next-door? The one you see buying groceries every day, the one you see playing badminton with her friends in the afternoon. She is her dad’s princess, her mom’s munchkin and her brother’s favorite. She is just this other girl walking down the street. She is no beauty; no heads turn her way when she walks by. But all she needs is confidence to let that insecurity go away and smile.  Though she wears the garb of self –belief she needs someone to tell her every day that yes! She is worth it after all and perfect with all her imperfections. You will always find her helping the needy and loving with no bounds, in her own different way as she makes her father laugh with her lame jokes after his tiring day at work or irritates her mother with her endless talks and fights with her brother for the remote control.  She also has an imaginary friend who she talks to when she is lonely or she feels there is no one out there for her.

She day dreams most of the time because that is her forte and as she captures the image of those dreams her quill witnesses her emotions. She likes when people compliment her or ask her for help because after all that is what she wants, somewhere to belong. She is also fighting against the odds as she feels for someone strongly but yet she feels she is not good enough for him. His smile melts her heart and he is not aware maybe, how important it is for her to be accepted just the way she is because she cannot wear fancy clothes, stiletto heel and sway her hips to get attention. And when she tries to show the world that she can take it and nothing affects her it often comes out like arrogance that drives people away. But no one stays long enough to break that shield of hers and look through her. Her beauty lies within, it is in the way she gives her dad his medicines at night, it is in her concern for her mother when she calls her to know where she is and how long it will take before she is home, it is in her affection when she pulls on the comforter over her little brother before she sleeps and it is in her friendship.

When she dresses up for college, she turns around and looks at herself in the mirror, she is satisfied when all her curves are covered in loose somewhat baggy clothes so that the world does not call her fat or laugh at her when she walks into the class. And you know what it results into? She becomes no one. No one sits beside her, no professors let her answer their questions and all this makes her maintain a low profile in college. No one knows who she is outside the college premises! She can ice skate, sit on the roller coaster for umpteen times without feeling giddy and can sketch. This is so ‘cool’ to put it in the language youth understands. But yet again one soul remains undiscovered, because we cannot see beautiful and for us artificial will suffice. She cries when no one is looking that is like her defense mechanism as she lets all negativity flow through her tears so that she can be ready to face it all again.

If you see her working on something you will be mesmerized to see her dedication towards it and her minute detailing as she crafts out things to perfection. She has this one friend she often hangs out with the only one who understands her.  It is with her friend that she laughs on the silliest things and talks about nasty stuffs without the fear of being judged or scrutinized.  She cannot dance but when it is their favorite song playing she cannot resist as they both move their body in a rhythm that is supposed to be dance but turns out crazy monkey moves of two best friends as they fall giggling.

No she is not someone like you but someone that resides within you. She is someone you see when you are standing in front of the mirror thinking if this outfit does not show your unwanted body fat. She is you when you fear being judged by people and she is you when you feel insecure about yourself and people you love. But you lose her when you change yourself for people to accept you, you lose her when you pretend to be someone else and you lose her when you forget what happiness to you meant before someone came along to change it. You are beautiful just the way you are and if someone does not accept you the way you are then they don’t deserve to be with you. Do not lose yourself in pleasing other’s eyes because Botox always takes away the beauty of ageing. Do not let the normal girl within you die because beauty is rare, you are rare!

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