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This pitiful and realistic story is about a middle class born girl named Radhika whose life turned out to be a complete disaster in an unknowing yet unavoidable way.

Radhika was born to a middle class family yet her parents were very caring and loving towards her. She had two siblings both younger than her. She did her schools and completed it with good results. She is an average looking girl yet good cultured girl. Radhika wished to become as a doctor but her parents were not financially strong for that. So she tried to make up at least as a nurse and went in search of that. At that time to her surprise she came across an offer where she will be able to do nursing as well as a decent part time job too. They will provide her with food and shelter with minimum rent and fee. Radhika and her parents were very happy and agreed to this offer.

With utmost expectations and dreams she went to that institute. Her father came along with her to check whether the facilities are good and whether the place is safe as she needs to stay at hostel. He came to know that it is safe enough to stay and at her hostel, they are caring and her room is good. Knowing this, his father left his daughter there with full satisfaction and returned to his home town.

The first two days of Radhika’s life at nursing school was awesome as she got good friends and her tutors were friendly. Back at hostel, they provided them with healthy food and she was happy. She felt that her dreams will be succeeded and she will get a very good job and can take care of her family. She was flying in the air with her thoughts and dreams. But unluckily, fate started to play in that innocent girl’s life.

Two days later…..

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After two days when Radhika returned from her usual nursing classes, her hostel warden called her. She went to know for what she is calling. Her warden handed over a package to her and left her alone for few minutes. Radhika was unaware of what is inside the package but when she un- wrapped it she was shocked to see it. There were photos of her taken nakedly while she was bathing. Suddenly she felt as if the whole world is going to be destroyed.. then that hostel warden came in a cool manner and told her that she has to do as per their orders else all these pictures will be published in net and a copy will be sent to her family also. That hostel warden has taken her pictures while she was bathing. This is her prime role there and has spoiled many girls’ life in this manner. She was in a state of total misery. She cannot cry out for help as her pride will fly off if someone finds her picture in that state. She moreover valued the lives of her family who are in need of her salary for the proper living. Yet she cannot give up her life too.. but there is no way in thinking about her life as it has already been shattered into million pieces.. suddenly everything was over her dreams, her carrier, her ambitions and happy life.. and everything . Now she is not willing to spoil the ambitions and dreams of her siblings too. So she was in a state to nod her head to whatever they say and whatever they tell to do. The part time job or what they call was that she needs to bed with the man whom they tell.. this was her job given by them else as I have already mentioned her pictures will be published. So this was her situation that for the sake of money and selfishness of big business people , such poor innocent girl’s life were destroyed and were thrown to hell. This is happening in many places. It is very common yet unknown as they fear for their family’s welfare than themselves. Such girls once when the get into the nets of these big sharks are really difficult and to say the truth is practically impossible to get rid from them . This is what has happened in the life of Radhika also. So as the deciding part is with her, she decided to go along with their wish as she valued her family more.


So she usually used to go to the spot with two to four men along with her as in case if she escapes, they will be in danger. Then she will go there and after the work has been done will return back to hostel. No one will get any doubt as they will act too casual and in a normal way. Every month some good amount of money will be transferred to her family and the only thing which she feels good is that she is useful for a bit to her family. And her family too will think that she is living happily and peacefully. Years rolled and she got used to this hell and is not willing to disclose it to her family and spoil their happiness too. Guys this type people like Radhika is still present in many places suffering unknowingly…


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