She is not an Object!

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Enough she is not an object! Women have always been treated as nothing but objects. Objects without any feelings, choices or ideas of their own. Merely objects to ogle at, to stare and to use. This is what women are thought to be. It is impossible for any woman to walk on the road without people staring at her or passing snide comments. And no one lifts a finger to help or to speak out against any of this.


Women have to bear this and on top of this the society thinks that it is our fault and that we invite predators. If a girl is eve teased people say it’s the girl’s fault as she was probably wearing provocative clothes or was out too late or was being too friendly with people. The society wants us to wear burkhas not talk to anyone at all and stay at home because apparently otherwise we invite predators to come and molest us. This is the thinking people have today and they stand by it. If a girl is molested rather than helping her out or punishing the guy, they say that is wasn’t the guy’s fault.

One of the biggest contributors to this objectification is the media. Be it print media like newspapers or magazines or movies or tv shows, women are used just as an object to attract people.

This objectification of women needs to stop and we need to put an end to it. Our film industry has a very big hand in objectifying women. They use women in item numbers to gain publicity. More than often they show a very dingy bar with people drinking cheap booze and a woman wearing revealing clothes come and dances in a sexy way and they all dance with them. And the clothes the woman wears are such that they enhance her sexuality. This portrays a very bad image of women and objectifies them. Let alone item numbers, women in general are just portrayed as the girlfriend of the hero. The hero has a multi dimensional personality and there is more to him than just his looks. He is shown as someone who is not just good looking but also intelligent and has a decent career and is good at other things too rather than just posing in front of the camera. He is shown as a person.  But on the other hand, the women are just shown as someone on the side, someone who is just good in front of the camera and does not have a personality, and the only aspect in focus is their beauty or to put in a crude way, their body. The main story is of the hero and the heroine is just a part of it.

And when movies have this portrayal, why should television stop. In our daily soaps there are programmers’ where if one actress is fair and better looking she is given an advantage over the other actress. And even our humble tv has started using item numbers to gain viewership.

Not just this in magazines also women are used as objects. Rather than showing a woman with someone who has a personality, women are portrayed as a one dimensional being focusing only on the looks and nothing else. The very famous magazine all of us would have heard of “Playboy” a magazine that claims to celebrate women’s beauty have a very weird sense of doing it. It is all about objectifying women. They have naked pictures of women in sexy poses trying to entice the men. This is the main highlight of the magazine and it very popular all over the world.

On one hand where media should be supportive of women and should help women overcome such problems it is one of the culprits. Because of all of this women are not taken seriously by anyone. Recently a woman politician campaigning for women’s rights to choose was called an “abortion Barbie” by her colleague, even though this is a very serious issue and men fail to understand it.  The media is demeaning the stature of women. And not just that it is actually selling the idea to the world that women are sexual objects and this makes men feel that they have control over us and that we as women are their subordinates. The media is filled with such pictures and videos and our young generation is hooked to these devices, so basically this is the idea being fed to the future generation of the world. Our media has seriously failed the women all over the world.

This objectification of women has been going on for so long that now it had become deeply rooted in our society. It has become the mindset of people now and that is how people look at women, as mere objects. Women have been reduced to mere objects which are to be won, to be shown off and as prizes to men. The objectification of women has a tremendous impact on the entire world. It is de-empowering the women and is reducing them to only their physical features. The media needs to stop this objectification and needs to show them as people and not just mere objects.

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