Her offensive act

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Teenage had embraced her in her arms but not quite gladly. Like every other girl she was subjected to a lot many restrictions and double the rules and regulations. Growing up was becoming even more difficult with the high level of harmonal imbalance in her body leading to outcome of extreme emotions .She could really laugh and cry at the same time. Nobody in the world understood what she was going through is what she thought, not even herself. Every person who tried intruding in her life was her enemy and she badly hated all of them including her mother. ” Mom, I am 13 for god’s sake” she would often yell whenever her mother stopped her from doing something. Of course her mother understood this phase of her’s and handled the situations much calmly, she knew with age her daughter will realize her importance and will probably become her best friend. For now all she wanted was her daughter to grow up, in limits. That day she came home from school tired and exhausted as usual but there was this excitement on her face like as if she had learnt something new. ” What is it? ” her mother asked. ” Mom, we had a workshop at school today and I got to know about something I wasn’t fully aware about” she replied with excitement still on her face. ” Like what ?” her mother questioned again. ” About menstruation” she said. ” Oh! I was about to tell you about the same” her mother replied. ” And now that you are 13 you should be really careful about this for it is a girl’ thing and is supposed to remain between girl’s only” , she continued. The 13 year old nodded. That day she kept on thinking about what her mother had said to her. Why is it supposed to be a secret when it is something natural and you can’t really help it ? Its just a part of a girl’s life she thought. When a girl is growing up discussions about the menstruation cycle and the changes within her body become a part of her life. She too like all girls was excited about the arrival of her womanhood . Not even once did she thought that it was something bad and should be hidden. She asked her mother again about the same. ” why is it supposed to be a secret ? “.” It’s because it is a woman’s thing and men should not know about it ” her mother replied. ” But why? What’s wrong with it? Why is it just supposed to be a girl’s thing ? Its not like men/guys don’t know about it, is it?” . Her mother now a bit irritated said ” because it’s probably offensive and embarrassing for a girl and you ask too many questions , you’re just not supposed to tell that is all ” and she left. Her mother left her in a state of confusion, her questions were left unanswered with no logical reasoning given. But deep inside her mother did not really have answers to these questions . It was nothing wrong and nothing unusual. Her mother’s probable made her quite sure about her own choice or decision regarding the same. It was now for her to decide whether to hide it knowingly because it a girl’s thing and is embarrassing and because you are just simply not supposed to be honest about it with the fear of crossing your limits or she was supposed to be open about it. Proud about the fact that she was a girl and from now on being on her period was a basic part of her life, something she is not supposed to run away from or hide but instead accept it with grace and maturity. “So what’s going on in school? ” her father asked his princess. ” We had a workshop” she replied. ” About what? ” he questioned. Her mother looked at her with eyes wide open. ” About menstruation” she finally replied. Her father looked up at his daughter and smiled. ” You’re growing up” he said ” and beautifully ” he added. She smiled back and her mother too. This did not seem to be an offensive act because being honest is not being offensive. Her mother knew that she will never hide it, never conceal her femininity and she accepted that there was nothing wrong with that. She was aware that her daughter was not wrong but the mentality which is being passed on generation after generation was wrong. Her daughter was growing  up as a person with mature thoughts and views. Growing up indeed is the most difficult phase of  one’s life , it is that phase where you have to choose between right and wrong according to your thinking and knowing that you are not fully developed the decision making becomes even more tricky. Just with the fear of the society as a whole and the fear of embarrassing oneself in front of the opposite sex ,hiding the truth is no solution at all to this situation. She learnt that being open about your growing up is not offensive just because you grow up in a little more complicated manner in comparison to men/guys. Just because they don’t bleed.

her offensive act

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