Oh yes, I’m dating a Feminist

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Yes, you heard it right, I am dating a feminist, you probably might be thinking what’s so fussy here, let me tell you something, I am excited, sometime when I am broken open, I dance; till the torn the bandage off, I dance; in the middle of a fight, I dance, I feel blessed, like somebody just gave me a shower radio, and I am ripping myself.

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It’s not like I am dating a men for the first time, I’d dated tens of Neanderthals type who use to believe that they belong to a superior strata, a finer grade than us, we are human beings but are not meant to do equal things, for them we are born indisposed and should better serve our male counterparts, if we want sustenance beneath this azure.

But now, there is a difference, my boyfriend is a feminist, and I am proud of it, though every second person you will meet down the street will call himself a feminist, but soon they came out to be nothing but a bunch of savages, who appear out of nowhere to bamboozle you, but if that’s the case, how come my boyfriend is a ‘real’ feminist?

Because he isn’t a feminist just by thoughts, he is a feminist by his acts, he is a feminist by the way he lives his life, share his thoughts, treat people, and approach almost everything. He isn’t just a sham, this guy is actually a philogynist. He called me on midnight of mother’s day and said “To the woman of my dream: Thankfully in my life, I know you can do almost anything your mind to… You can swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest peak… Be a doctor or fly a plane… You can face adversity and still walk tall. You are strong, beautiful, compassionate and much more than words could ever say! Today is yours and so is every other day… Happy Women’s Day” I mean who the hell call you in the middle of night to wish you a blissful women’s day, for us, this is kind of a Birthday or New Year ritual. But, this is why I am mad for him; this is what makes him different.

Ohh, I love this guy, being with a feminist guy is awesome, i ask you: How could a woman not want to be with a feminist man?

You will love the reasons why she should:

He loves me, not my body.

In simple words, my body belongs to me and I have absolutely every right to treat it in a way I like, all decisions regarding my body are mine, though I understand his needs, but whenever we make a choice, I am the queen. I respect his ambitions and he respect mine, unlike all those sexist who believe the choice is all their, when it comes to uterus.

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He is passionate about women rights and issues.

Isn’t it great talking to partner regarding the issues you counterparts are facing, when you had a talk about women issues last time, whom with it was? If I am not wrong, women only, right? It’s seriously great talking to your partner.

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He understands that my physical appearance isn’t perfect.

I am not Miranda Kerr; Beyoncé either. I am glad that he understand this, I don’t have to put tons of makeup on my face or wear nothing less but a square feet of cloth. Since we’ve met, I’ve gained a bit of weight, and he loves it. He didn’t only accept it- he respects it. He understands that every human being has some flaws which can’t be overcome. He knows that women’s body change with time, and that pregnancy, shall we go that way, will do one hell of a number on my physique, as per him, I never have to be a photoshopped beauty to look adorable, After a lifetime of feeling self-conscious about my so-called flaws, I now realize they’re lovable and, to him, “perfect.”

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He never imposes boundations on me.

I am his half partner in kitchen and we both share our menu, sometime it’s my wish, his dish, sometime the opposite, plus he understands that I shouldn’t be left alone in the kitchen until someone wants me to burn the house down. I don’t have to wear creepy looking dresses for junky parties anymore, he believe in simplicity.

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He aware people and motivate them to be a feminist.

He could be usually seen teaching his neighbor’s daughter about women issues and rights, not only suggestions, he take them to seminars and conferences and buy them a chocolate on the way down to home.

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 We’re both Planning our future in a commensurable manner.

Our future decisions are not biased, they are for both and by both of us, like when it comes to planning our wedding in May, we’re just not adhering to certain traditions. It’s not like we don’t obey our values or traditions, simply they doesn’t seems right to us, we are not going to perform those sexist obsessed rituals, and we unanimously accepted this.

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Love you my love, for who you are, let’s keep loving people anyway, despite of who they are.





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