It’s not OK, It’s Never OK, Report It Rightly

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Many rape victims, scared of the response from people around her, will not tell that she was raped. She has to tell someone around her to prosecute the culprit. If she does not say to people around her, she is saving him and paving him a way to commit the same mistake and spoil some other girl’s life. She has to respond fast and say it to her mom or any one whom she believe because if she does not say or share it with someone, she will start sitting alone and the post trauma would be a night mare. Yes, she was raped, but it is not the end of her life. She has to go a long way and at the same time she can’t move with this thought in her mind. So, she has to take this away from her mind, and to take this away, she has to prosecute the culprit. When the culprit is prosecuted, she will have that satisfaction in her mind and will be able to lead her life forward. I am writing this because a real story inspired me a lot, her attitude was surprising and she was different.


Linda was staying with her father and her step mother. Her mom had died 3 years ago and her step-mother was in the family for the past 2 years. She was 13 then and she did not know that much about mothers love. Her father used to take care of her and he loved her so much and did not make her feel for her mother’s love. Everything was moving fine and Linda had her daily classes, and there was no problem with her life. The only thing that Linda does without her father knowing is drinking. She started this habit from the age of thirteen. Time passed, two years was over in a swift and she was 15 years old and she started knowing the world and what is step mother. She started missing her mother because her dad was busy with his works and he would go out of station regarding his job. Her step mom was a tramp. She was cheating on her dad with his Jim. Jim was introduced to this family by her father and Jim was told to take care of the family when Linda’s dad was out. But he took care of her step mom more and so she was on his back. They used to roam around and Linda was threatened not to tell her father and if she tell she would beat her and tell her dad bad about her. She did not tell this to her father and kept it a secret. Jim had a roommate called a Jersey, and he was called as Jersey because he was from Jersey. Her step-mom would often go to Jim’s house and they both would sit together and Linda had no other choice but to sit with Jersey.


It was Jim’s birthday and so he had invited them to his room. There was party and fun and everything. Everyone left by 10 in the night and Jim, Jersey, Linda and her step mother was alone in their room. They both went alone and Linda was left alone with Jersey. Linda was drunk at that particular day and she was out of control, she was not able to keep him away. He dragged her into the room and was trying to keep her shut. She tried to stop him but she did not have the strength to do so and he was all over her by now. She had to accept that with pain and everything was over very fast. She was raped by Jersey. Even now she was in the same room with the other three.

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Linda had a terrifying night and she was hurt mentally and physically. She had scratched in her body and had beatings in her lower part of the body. She was crying all night and did not know what to do. The next day she called her friend and told her what happened the last night. Her friend asked her to inform the police but she was scared and did not tell anyone else. Fifteen days passed and she was again taken to jersey’s room again. She was not able to see his face and was irritated a lot. He was roaming around very casually, as if nothing had happened. She was not able to see him like that because he had taken her virginity and given her many sleepless nights. She told Jim what had happened to her and Jim told her step mother. She begged her step mother not to tell her father because he would blame her for what had happened and would tell that her drinking habit had made this situation. But her step mother told her dad and a case was filed on Jersey.

He was taken to the cop shop along with the other four. Jersey told that he did not even know her and he did not do anything her. By the time the scratches in her body had gone and she did not have any proof to show the cops. But he was trapped by a phone recording. Linda had called her friend and told what he had done. This was enough for the cops to arrest him. When this recording was shown to him, he accepted that he had raped her. Since he accepted the mistake, he was in jail for 45 days. Linda was very satisfied that at least he was he was prosecuted.

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She says that when a girl is raped, she has to tell that to someone whom she believes. This is not her fault at all. She doesn’t need to think about that and spoil her life. This doesn’t make her dirty and disgusting in front of others. Yes, she was raped but if she stays without saying to anyone, she may lose her mind and may become out of control. She has to tell this to others and do something to the culprit rather than letting him free. She says that she did a mistake by waiting 15 days, but she asks all the girls in her situation to respond as quickly as possible and complain to someone around her. This will make them come out of the trauma and lead their life forward.

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