How old are you?

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I was going through a page, at that time I saw a link which showed HOW OLD ARE YOU?, I was excited in seeing the words and wanted to know more about that, I clicked on the link and it lead to a page which had a story in it. I did not know if the story was fake or a real one, but it inspired me. It is about a woman who, makes a vital change in the field of agriculture in India.


The story goes in such a way that she is married to a middle class man who is a radio jockey in a popular station. She working in a state government job as U.D.Clerck in collectrate, had to manage her household duties too. It so happens that her husband wishes to fly to Ireland for betterment of their family along with his wife and only daughter. She too applies for a job in Ireland and during the interview the only thing that becomes the toughest question to crack is “How old are you?” She being in late 30’s is denied by the authorities saying that their age limit to recruit is in early 30’s. She all disappointed returns to her daily job. This happens on her birthday, on which her daughter awaits her, to surprise with a blast of joy celebrating her appointment in Ireland. When her daughter comes to know that she has been rejected due to age factor, she just ignores her presence and heads home alone. Meanwhile her husband meets with an accident and is afraid that, his visa will become a problem if this becomes a case. He explains everything to his wife in such a way that she herself comes forward and readily accepts to take up the blame innocently. Again her voluntariness becomes a problem when she produces her license which was an expired one. That evening family fight arises between husband and wife because he thinks that she submitted the license purposely to stop him flying to Ireland. This hurts her to that extent that her action in the house becomes a trouble for her husband.

A call from the Inspector General office rings her phone and asks her to come to office the next day. As informed by the authority she reaches the office thinking that the accident case has reached to higher threat. As she meets the Inspector General, she is said that the Honorable Prime Minister of India wants to meet her as her daughter had posed a question to the Prime Minister who was really surprised to hear it from such a small girl. When the Prime Minister her, how that Question arose in her brains, she readily said that she got the question from her mother. She is informed that a day after she has to dine breakfast with the honorable Prime Minister of India. She is so stunned that, she instead of being over joyous becomes a hesitant one to meet the Prime Minister as she thinks that she is not the one to meet him and she never asked her daughter to raise any question to the Prime Minister of India. She becomes the hot news of the state and to keep up her dignity she answers the people that the question is a secret one and not to be said to anyone. The real fact is that she herself doesn’t know what the question is. She reaches home early and asks her daughter to tell the question she raised to the Prime Minister as she is afraid that what if the Prime Minister asks her to repeat the question. She being hurt with the rejection of her mother’s job in Ireland refuses to say the question. She pleads her daughter to tell her the question. She refuses to meet the Prime Minister and wishes to stay at home but was compelled by her husband and everyone in her neighborhood to meet the Prime Minister. She meets the Prime Minister, but because of her fear and inferiority complex, she faint in front of the Prime Minister.

This incident made her daughter and her husband feel ashamed. They were already disappointed about her, and this incident made them feel more shameful. One day her husband says they both are leaving to Ireland, and he meant him and the small girl. She was really disappointed to hear this from her husband. With lot of pain, she sends them to Ireland. She feels lonely in her home and had to continue her daily routine. She had a small vegetable garden in her terrace which would give vegetable sufficient for their family. When two members of her family were in Ireland, vegetables were becoming waste. So she gave it to her bus colleague. That lady goes to work in many houses, and one of the houses was of a textile owner. He had a habit of having raw vegetables, during his leisure time. She gave that vegetables to him, and that was the turning point for the nation. He was really surprised to eat such pure vegetables which had no pesticides or other infecting chemicals which were used by farmers. She was called up the textile owner and asked if she could supply the pure veggies to him and she accepts. All of a sudden she was asked to supply for is daughter’s wedding reception for about 2000 people. She was all shocked to hear such an offer but was given time to think and accept the offer. She had only few plants and couldn’t even think of the offer. Her husband flew back from Ireland as their daughter was missing her and he couldn’t manage their problems such as food and cleanliness of their house. She bids farewell to her colleagues and that time one of her friend as a farewell gift says the question asked by her daughter to the Prime Minister which was “How can a man to decide the expiry date of a woman’s dream?”. This was a major factor to refuse her husband’s call to Ireland because she thinks that she has been a fool all these while neglecting her dreams in front of her family when they could chase their dreams.


She gets motivated so much that she plans for a green house in about 10 terraces in her neighborhood which could give her the amount of veggies requested by the textile owner. She successfully completes the deal by giving the required amount of veggies for the reception.

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Her friend gets to know about this and encourages her to continue the same way and asks her to bring back the old “HER” in full swing. She motivates her to deliver a speech in her office where the chief guest was the Chief Minister of the state. She takes the chemicals sprayed veggies to the dais. She purposely puts the veggies down and asks the people beside her to help her to put back the veggies back into the cover. She asks them to wash their hands clean to avoid the chemical intake which were used on the veggies. She talks about the seriousness of organic veggies rather than the chemical veggies that is being sold in the market. She also insists on green house in every common house and prepares their own vegetables required for the family. This talk inspires the Minister and he takes the issue to the assembly. She becomes famous all over the country for the idea she proposed and gets another chance to meet the Prime Minister. She boldly meets the Prime Minister along with her family. She proved that one’s age doesn’t matter in chasing their own dreams.

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