Opt for Education , Not for Marriage

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The maid servant working in my house was weeping to my mother the other day .She was telling her that how she got her daughter, Yashoda married at the age of thirteen and today her daughter has two small daughters to take care of. Yashoda is now eighteen and a mother of two. She is a victim of domestic violence, helpless when hit mercilessly by her husband. The maid servant was very upset. She cries and laments over her daughter’s condition every single night. She knows very well where things had wrong. The mistake lies in not educating her daughter or rather continuing her education. She got her married at an early age because she could financially not support her daughter’s education and married her due to societal pressure. She has seen enough and now determined that the same will not repeat with her grand-daughters. Her grand-daughters will study and receive good education and positively Yashoda would “Opt for education and not for marriage”.

Girls have always been looked down upon when the question comes to sending them to school. “It is enough if the boy of the family is receiving education, what will the girls do at school?” Unfortunately, this is not only the mental outlook of most of the families that fall under the category of the financially weaker sections of the society, but some in the orthodox elite group as well. And ultimately getting them married at an early age is the only answer to the above question. This attitude is extremely painful and the end-results worse. Getting a girl married when it is her age to go to school and play in the playgrounds cannot be an option anymore. The importance of educating the girl child has to be realized before it’s too late.

Why should the girls be educated? The simplest answer to this would be “Educating a boy means educating one person, educating a girl means educating the whole family and then the whole nation. “ The fruits of educating a girl can be seen far beyond the boundaries of a classroom. A girl should be educated for personal, social, emotional and economical development of the self and the nation. At the micro level, she would be able to impart valuable knowledge and guidelines to all members of her family, especially to the older members. At the macro level, she would be able to contribute by and large to the economic development of her country.


Today’s girl child would be the mother of tomorrow. As an educated mother, she would be able to give sound upbringing to her children. She would fight for her daughter’s rights and get her educated and this will surely have a magnificent impact on the social and political environment of the society. Education would make her aware about health and in turn she would be able to develop correct civic sense in the family. She can teach the family members more comfortable than anyone else.
Girls should be educated to make them independent individuals. The several stories and cases of sexual harassment , dowry deaths and domestic violence would reduce by sharp significant figures if the girls are educated , informed and know their rights. How can we expect them to raise their voices against such injustice when they are not aware of their rights and when they don’t realize the importance of themselves? Education would enable girls to stage their voice and not fall prey to social evils of sati, purdah system, and help to curb female feticide, female infanticide and rape cases. Educating girls will make them financially independent and enable them to do all kinds of jobs. And this is necessary because girls from poor families when married are tortured mentally and physically by their husbands who depend on them for money so that they can drink lavishly. If the girl is educated, she would not encourage this and will be able to run the house and try her best to educate the children.

Talking specifically why girls must receive complete education and not get married at an early age, it is because the latter has adverse effects. Girls are married when they are not even physically and mentally prepared for it. As a result, their life is in a miserable state. It becomes very difficult for them to understand the complex meaning of the word “Marriage”. They become pregnant at a very young age and are then unable to bear the expenses of the family. If the girl is educated, she will be able follow proper family planning and fewer and healthy babies will be born. The fertility rate would reduce making a lot many things easier. If she is educated, she would be concerned about the child as well as her health, during and after pregnancy .Children would more likely be vaccinated and educated mothers would be better informed about proper nutrition and health practices.

Girls would perform well in the fields of business. They would be able to take daily simple and crucial decisions in life better when educated.
Thus, education of a girl means the future generations would be educated too. Strong , independent , capable of facing all challenges , creating individual identity , respect for one another , say “no” to social evils and above all fulfilling one’s dream is sum total of what education would give a girl.



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