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It is a sheer bliss to any woman to pack the totes and set out for some adventure. Such an escapade does not really call for any occasion. Well after much contemplation I could finally come with a fair enough plausible reason which makes such sneak outs such a heavenly abode to women; dearth of gossips! The feminine disposition to ‘Discussion’ is not well nurtured in the daily life of work and home saga. Women hang outs are one perfect example of bollywood movies; beautiful background, lovely faces flapped with thick covers of make- up, array of emotions and a rich show of forgery. In that numerous clicks which are all meant for facebook every one is in competition to look best in the lot and is solemnly aping the pose of some celebrity who apparently looks very common BUT has a photogenic face which is all what made her a celebrity.


The new style of the photo maniacs are selfies. Well it is quite a savior for those kind hearted, hapless individuals who were always emotionally tricked to cater to the self obsessed entities. With selfies becoming such a ‘Cool’ fashion one can now see one’s 5am to 2 pm  pictures. Remember no matter what the caption beneath the photograph says not a single one is without make up! There is a diligent touch of cosmetics in every shot. Women can’t afford looking ‘ bad’ in a public forum and if in case it does not meet up the self created standards of looks, then photoshop comes as a rescue. So the first mark of all women trip is endless pictures; less of the area and more of the entities. After all why to help the tourism industry by taking pictures of provinces!


The adventure in such outings is not just nature oriented. There is always a thrill to know what is happening in other’s life and the pleasure is seeked from the endless comparisons, guidances and solutions shared. Once one does not pick up one call the process initiates. Whose call  was that? Boyfriend? Or some other guy? Oahhh!!! Is he handsome? How does she know her? Is she double dating? Before the individual is interrogated with such lame queries, a profound  research is done. If in case one does not get a call , she is vulnerable as she is single, she needs someone to come and mellow her life with love and pleasure and there is absolutely no happiness if there is no man in life. Well if you happen to be one of those lucky woman whose guy constantly misses her and is consistently keeping a track of her well being in some deserted region, you are the most disgusted fellow! Not because of anything what you did but because of god’s mercy of gifting you a caring partner. So there is absolutely no way to escape from speculations and criticisms.


Every women excursion is incomplete without boozing! It is the only time they adore alcohol and drink it like a poison to be able to hurt someone else. Yes! The phenomenal question , whom to torture? Well all the exes. It’s a toast to all exes who have been great individuals giving the best of times but as it is no more in present it’s a remorseful tribute to past. It is not a costly affair though as generally much of alcohol is not required for these infrequent drinkers to lose it. Once drunk it’s a communion of sad souls where everyone is shouldering other and the night passes.

There can be no trip without long discussions on authors, books, actors, clothes, restaurants, WEIGHT, cosmetics, guys, sex, babies, first to last crush, college professors, high school teachers, present boss, ex- boss, IT guy. Is anything left? If there is, then, that too! Every trip is taken to be the last opportunity to speak on everything which comes to your mind. Their relevance and significance are not important parameters to be counted in order to discuss.


A tour does not end unless all the local markets are explored 2-3 times. It is the most important part of the trip. Every beautiful sight needs to be clicked with people posing around it. Women exalt beauty, the ultimate belief! No matter how rural an area is mobile network, mineral water and well designed restroom are absolute necessities. This is 21st century and India is one of the speculated superpowers so there, it is absolutely unbelievable to call the 3 afore mentioned amenities as elite class lifestyle. Often on such trips demands forged are not part of one’s daily lifestyle. Whatever! Show offs are part of women style!


Such trips always end with a diary full of experiences. No matter how much insane we go there is something which keeps us tied until the next trip, each time. Amidst all the high demands, huge expectations and low deliveries we enjoy every bit of kindling that women in us. That is all why we love those trips and those trips are so for us and will always be with us in our memories.

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