Pamper Yourself

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You deserve it

Too little time and too much to do is a common condition which most of us face. With the changes in social scenarios there has been increase in responsibilities. Female counterparts of the society nowadays take care of home and office at the same time. Let’s face it that life can be hectic. Long working hours at office, a busy schedule and ever present and increasing demands at home often leaves women complaining and cribbing about – there just isn’t enough time in the day. We can find women in our families or in our friend circle who feel like they’ve lost themselves somewhere along the way of life. While their reasons are many and different, the answers are all the same, “There’s just not enough time in the day for me.” Is it true we don’t have time for ourselves and feel we are always rushing, always stressed?

For certain section that have and can afford domestic help like maids, drivers, nanny etc. they can still manage to take out time for themselves. But for most of the women they don’t have any support. Juggling between kids, work, family and much more, takes a toll of their time and women often put themselves and their health last on the priority list which results into tension and stress. With a job, children, family, friends, and husband –many women find it hard to say no, pushing themselves hard by postponing or giving up on their lives in order to be there for the people who need them. Over the time, women who don’t take time out for themselves to relax and pamper, often find themselves not looking forward to anything, it becomes a routine and monotonous life wherein it’s just about ticking off everything on the to do list and falling exhausted into bed.

Pamper Yourself

Most of the women due to all the pressures and responsibilities admits that they don’t have time for them and don’t even remember last time they pampered themselves. They are so tired after the day work that they can’t even manage five minutes for themselves. There is a saying, men may work from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done. Everyone needs and longs for a little “me time “. Taking out time for oneself isn’t too much to ask for. Women need to let themselves go sometimes and invest on them; because they deserve it for all that they do.

How to take out time for oneself? Without adding that extra 25th hour to our day there are little things every woman can incorporate to pamper them self. Firstly every woman should believe that they deserve this me time and that they are worth giving time to. Whether its career, children, or other priorities, taking time out is more essential than what we think. Once we believe this we will definitely take out time for ourselves. Women should not procrastinate because things will never slow down, best thing is prepare a goal, ask for support from family, plan and manage the schedule, make a plan of action, try getting a friend on board or family member.

Pampering oneself should not be considered an act of selfishness and one should not be guilty about it. Relaxing, distressing or pampering during our busy schedule will not sabotage our efforts to become successful entrepreneurs, parents or partners. Taking time out to relax, refresh, renew, and revitalize doesn’t mean we have to take out hours of time or spend huge amounts. It can mean anything we can do to nurture our mental, emotional and spiritual beings. For every woman the ways by which they can pamper themselves differ. Some would want pampering sessions like going to spa, trip to salon for a haircut or manicure/pedicure. For some it would mean going for shopping or indulging in hobbies for others exercising or mediation might act as a booster. For few spending some alone time and doing nothing can be a way they can pamper themselves. The ways by which women may pamper themselves might differ but it is very important to take out time for the same.

There are lot many benefits of nurturing and pampering oneself. Personal indulgence is vital to our health and overall well being. Taking some time to pamper ourselves, helps boost our mood, become more relaxed and energized and significantly reduces stress. Taking some time every day to care and letting go of the stresses improves our mood and helps in providing mental clarity. Taking a break from the busy life and investing time in energizing and rejuvenating helps in reducing mental and physical illness.

What we all need in life is balance. We weren’t meant to be Energizer bunnies that go in circles with no true aim. Pampering your body and soul are self-created. No one can do this for us. However, the benefits are multiple and women deserve it. We have endless lists of what we must, should or have to do, we also spend so much of our time taking care of others but we should remember one thing as everyone is entitled to some pampering, it should include you too.

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