Phoebe Buffay – Weirdness Personified

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The name itself has a weird ring to it, much like the person herself. Though, not exactly the person, but the wonderful dimensions portrayed by it as well. It belongs to a character most of us seem to love but also a character a few people seem to hate because of a multitude of reasons. Sometimes, it gets too much. Other times, it just doesn’t fit in. Or maybe, the people who hate her are just the plain boring kind. I mean, what’s not to love in a quirky, crazy kind of person who’s almost always happy and loves to be weird in the most wonderful ways? What’s to hate in a woman who’s so happy with herself and her own flaws?
She has rat babies. That’s right. I think it’s a reason to love her. How many women do we know who are comfortable with their own inabilities and incapacities the way she is? How many females in this country or even the world, live their lives they want to, even if it means naming the rats infecting your homes? Granted, it’s a little squeamish that rats are her thing, but who’s to judge? And even if they do judge, does she care? No. Also, the fact that she gave birth to her brother’s children. Sure, that’s over the edge and quite shocking that she, or rather any woman, would like to give up a child, let alone three. Her reasoning behind it, the fact that it makes her brother happy, is wonderful. I think that’s admirable.

She’s wacky. Her ways are so bizarre and unrealistic that they make us think twice. No matter how much she’s stared at or frowned upon she ends up behaving the same way because it makes her happy and she believes that is the only thing that’s necessary. That happiness comes from the inside and is not based on the satisfaction of others about her own behaviour. What’s lovely is the fact that everyone loves her for the way she is and though they may perceive her to be silly, they accept it. That, I believe, is what friendship is all about.
She’s also Regina Phalange and Princess Consuela Banana Hammock, the two weirdest names one can ever come up with. I’d love to me Imanthia Poo Poo Head but I’m worried the society will judge me. I’m terrified I’ll be labelled and frowned upon and that people might actually develop hatred for me. I’m sure I’ll lose a lot of friends. But she is not bothered about any of these things. That’s what makes her so special. That’s what makes me want to like her more than I already do and want to be like her.
She runs like a maniac. Her hair is all messed up and her arms flail about like she has no bones. But in the end, she still runs that way even though one of her best friends , Rachel, thinks she’s weird and crazy. Even though she tried to avoid her. Phoebe states that’s the way she used to run in school and so that’s the way she’ll forever continue to run for the simple fact that this is fun.
She’s a Masseuse and plays the guitar. How many of us here actually love the jobs we have and cherish every day? How many of us have cool jobs, jobs that might not earn us the best but make us happy? How many of us have the courage to be who we want to be and be able to be proud of that? Alas, most of us, if not all, have a dream. A dream that shall forever remain just that because we did not know how to deal with uncertainty. Because the fear of failure terrified us. But Phoebe Buffay does what she wants, when she wants it. She doesn’t have any regrets in life. How many of us can vouch for that?
She has miscellaneous habits that make her who she is. Her hairstyle keeps changing, her flirting keeps getting weird, her taste in men is random, her love for life is unlimited and her frankness is wonderfully alarming. These are the things that make her fabulous. Her unending zest for life and its twisted ways. Wow.
The most magical thing of them all is that she, in the end, finds a man who can accept her and even love her for those tiny things about her that make her so amazing. She finds herself a man who can cherish her and make him want to change his opinion about the most serious things in life, like marriage. Doesn’t this instil in us the tiniest nit of hope that it’s possible that there surely is a guy out there who can loves you for who you are and doesn’t make you feel like you have to pretend?  And doesn’t that make you want to wait for that special person and not want to settle for just anyone?
Phoebe Buffay. The girl who makes us feel like it’s ok to be who you want to be.
A girl who brings out our true identities.
The girl we all really are.

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