Please Don’t Fry the Water

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Growing up, most of us had to endure a constant barrage of “lessons” and “ideals” and “good habits” from our parents. If you had to compile every “word” your mother has ever had with you, you’d be writing an operations manual for a next-gen spacecraft in no time.

Now, as kids, we gradually come to realize that not everything our parents say is true. Some of that stuff they just told you because they didn’t want you to go get into trouble, and others they told you because it was hilarious to watch you gape incredulously.

But some of it is true, and some of it is important.

Cultures vary across the world, and women are assigned different roles in different societies. But one thing that is almost universal due to a woman’s role in evolution – as the child-bearer – is that women are meant to be good housekeepers.

Just before any feminists grill me for that statement, I would like to explain what I mean by it.

Being a good housekeeper doesn’t mean being a maid or a housewife for life, and neither does it mean being subservient to any man. Being a good housekeeper means being able to keep a dwelling in pleasant, habitable & hygienic conditions. An extremely stereotypical view of women, you’re probably thinking. Stop thinking like that, you might be mouthing.

But should we really?

It is rather surprising to find that a very large number of girls today can’t cook or clean. These were very highly-demanded qualities in a woman once upon a time, but now, in an age with more dynamic tasks and roles for women, they’re not necessary anymore. That logic would be fine, if we weren’t talking about a dwelling.

Because a home represents a person – an ideology.

A clean, healthy home, is a happy home. A dusty & filthy home is often an indicator of something not being well there.

That isn’t an absolute fact, of course; there’s no such thing.

But it is a valuable lesson once taught to us and now being shook off with the shackles of female inhibitions. During a progression from one phase to another – or a transition, you might say – it is always necessary to maintain a grip of the positives of the old phase. Simply resetting its gathered intelligence every few generations will keep a race stagnant and retarded. We have to take the good, and cast out the bad.

To do that, we need to be conscious of which habits are good, and which habits are bad. But those things have already been taught to us by the older generation; we just filtered them out when we were challenging their authority. Our eagerness to prove ourselves as our own, independent people can sometimes lead to subconscious irrationality, and we end up doing stupid things and not even realizing it. Many of us have strayed from our parent’s teachings; but there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t go backwards. Unfortunately, by ignoring basic teaching s such as “learn how to cook/clean” on the premises that it is the job of a woman in the 1400s, we are.

Something that won’t change in the foreseeable future is that in the human race, women give birth to children. They watch echograms of them kicking up a fuss in their insides and they complain about child labour, but become glued to their soggy, whiny children. But if you’re ignoring basic teachings such as hygiene and an average ability to cook food that’ll nourish your child properly, you’re pretty much reneging on your natural role as a prospective mother.

It is the same for men, mind you.

We’ve naturally been given more muscle development in order to break rocks on our heads – Ha! As if – but we’re really just meant to use our above-average physicality to perform certain tasks that we can relieve women of. Changing tires, carrying furniture, fixing appliances – as a man, you can’t know NONE of those. Not because we’re all handymen destined to fix things women break, but because it is simply a good habit to have. Learning how to fix things is a good habit to have, even if we don’t like getting brake fluid all over our clothing or hammering nails into our fingers.

Not that the opposite genders can’t perform one another’s tasks. A woman who can change a tire and fix appliances and lift a bed is a great woman. A guy who can cook and clean is an equally great guy. This kind of all-roundedness is to be encouraged in our modern society.

What shouldn’t be is the awkward generation of “smartpeople”who can share photos on Instagram about food and know all about the latest trends but are incapable of boiling water without burning it.

What many girls don’t know is that an excellent ability to cook and clean is something that will always conquer a man; even if it is for a little bit. It is just as impressive as having a good job or a fancy degree, and combined with those, it puts you in another league. There is nothing more disheartening than meeting a girl who is virtually perfect until you see her throwing stuff on the floor, and carrying dirty nails or being unable to cook.

Except a girl who cooks food that resembles an alien life form, but that’s another story.

Obviously while reading this article, most of you might’ve just been thinking, “Dude, get a maid”. I agree, but anybody who’s ever had a maid their whole life will know that the day she’s not there, you’re in for a very nasty surprise. So why not save yourself the trouble and become a complete person, and stop reneging the ugly tasks – they’re necessary, and they contribute to your beauty.


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