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When life kicks us around sometimes, we often wonder why the world around us is so mean and unfair. We choose unnecessary sarcasm over humour, invariably weigh the cons first, manage a sardonic smile when something is actually funny and deep down believe that the glass is half empty.
A wise man once said “It’s one thing to wax eloquent on positivity, but quite another to be a positive person at heart.” It is not that difficult to engage in positivity. It is just a state of mind, the answer to which lies in our perspective. Here are a few tactics to engage in positivity and brush off the pessimism.

# Shun negative thoughts:
It is highly necessary to decrease and avoid the downers in your life if you want to engage in positivity. Focusing and dwelling on negative thoughts is not only depressing, it also decreases your efficiency in tackling the everyday life situations you come across. Transform your inner critic into a more of a cheery crew. Remove all negative influences from your life and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Change unhealthy and negative self-talk and indulge is positive self-boost up. Try looking at the bright side of every situation and instead of considering the glass to be half empty, try thinking of it as half full.
# Smile:
Smiling is not jeopardy, it is a reward. Offering ourselves a little more happiness by just smiling is the best reward we could give ourselves. Just one smile can lift a person’s mood, not only ours but also of the people around us. Smiling may actually make us feel us more optimistic and content.
#Take some time to recharge yourself:
If you just got out of a bad relationship, just got fired from your job, failed in some project, then instead of self-pitying yourself take a break from the hustle and bustle of your life. Taking a break and being independent can help us regain our perspective and help us recharge our system. Surround yourself with positive activities. Watch funny movies, go shopping with your friends, read good novels, exercise, play sports or do whatever it is that you love to do. Our lives may get very busy and tiring at times, so always carve some tasks into your that perpetually make you happy and lift up your mood.
# Surround yourself with friends and good company:
It is very rightly said both positivity and negativity are infectious. The best way to seek positivity is to have positive company. If the friends and people you are surrounded with have a pessimistic view-point, you will find yourself mirroring the same emotions. In order to unfold positivity, it is obligatory that your group of peers is an energetic, optimistic and happy bunch. Value the people in your life who stood by you through thick and thin. Feel positive and fortunate about having such people in your lives. We can’t control the things in our lives, but what we can control is the way we perceive those things. Focus your imagination and efforts on transforming yourself into a new positive person.
#Write about a positive future and search for the silver lining:
When we search for positivity in little things that make our lives worthwhile, there remains no room for negativity. Write a journal in which take a note of all the good things that happened to you in the day. This way you’ll have memories of all the good things that happened to you and they will lift up your mood instantly. Envisage a positive future and write about it. The idea is to envision all your goals and dreams come true. Writing helps you captivate ideas better than just thinking. No matter how tuff life gets get, always look for a silver lining to give you strength to deal with the hardest of situations.
#Believe a Positive Attitude is an option:
This step is difficult to take at first. We think that people were either positive or negative. We blame our negativity on all sorts of outside forces—fates, experiences, parents, relationships—but never really stop to think that we can choose to be positive. Teaching ourselves that positivity is a choice is one of the greatest things you would have ever done for yourself. Whenever you find yourself in a bad situation, know that it’s up to you to find the good, to be positive regardless of what’s happening around you. Don’t point fingers and place blame. Remember that everything happens how it happens, and it’s up to you to choose how you want to feel about it. You are in control of your attitude, and no one can take that away from you.
#Eat clean, think clean:
Whenever don’t eat properly, you don’t feel good. Your head gets all muddy and you have trouble redirecting your thoughts in a positive direction. I’ll spare you all the chemical and hormonal insights of why eating is linked to cognitive function, and I’ll just tell you that, it is. If you ingest over-sugared, processed, chemically food, you’re going to have a problem focusing on the positive. Instead, aim for a diet of foods that are as close to the as possible.

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