Powerful Women Politicians of India

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We always say that women are the backbone of a nation. But, is the backbone standing straight. The honest answer would be ‘No’.  Indian women are not allowed to grow in the political field, but, the democracy is motivating the Indian women to join the politics and help our nation attain glory. The number of women in politics is very less but, the impact that they have created over the years is amazing. Women have the capacity to withstand the whole lot of pressure and they can make wonderful changes in the society and even the other politicians know this, but they don’t allow women to lead a party or a country because they think that women are the second grade of the human being. This thought should be taken away from the minds of common people and we must start supporting women to attain glory. India has seen a lot of politicians and powerful leaders. But, the impact that an Indian woman politician has created is very inspiring. Here are the top 10 women politicians of India,

Indira Gandhi

She was the first women Prime Minister of India. She is also the second longest serving and also the fourth Prime Minister of India. She was born on 19 November 1917.  She was the central figure of the Indian National Congress party. She is the bravest of all Prime Ministers. She carried out the Operation Blue Star and saved our nation from the terrorist. She was known for her ruthlessness and unprecedented centralization of power. She has gone to war with the Pakistanis, which saw the Pakistani defeat. In the year 2011, she was voted as the greatest Prime Minister of India. She was also called as the Women of Millennium. She was assassinated by a Sikh person due to her doing in the Hamandir Sahab.


Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi is the back bone of congress. She was the longest serving president of congress in the history of 127 years. She is also the chairperson of the UPA (United Progressive Alliance). Basically, she is not an Indian, but an Albanian. She has done a lot for our country. In the budding stages of Sonia’s Political career, she was not taken seriously because she did not have any experience about Indian Politics. In the beginning, she was considered as a doll, who would dance to the tunes of Congress, but, Sonia proved them wrong and led Congress from the front to victory a couple of times.  She has been in the midst of many controversies, but nothing shook her. She has played a major role in the development of India. She is a powerful Indian politician who had the control over the congress party for a long time.

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Sushma Swaraj

She is also one of the powerful Women Politician, who had the control of the chair, quite a number of times. She was born in Haryana. Sushma Swaraj is a BJP member and she is also the leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha. She has also been the Chief Minister of Delhi for a small period. She was the Member of Parliament for 6 terms and also the MLA for three terms. In the year 1977, she took the seat of the Cabinet /minister in the Janata Party Government. She was also the Education Minister. She was the Cabinet Minister when Vajpayee had the power. She is a strong fighter and will not allow any power to overcome her. Her spirit in the field is something to be inspired about.

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Mamata Banerjee

Mamata is a very strong person by heart and she has done a lot for the country and especially to West Bengal. She started her career as a member of INA (Indian National Congress) and stayed there for a long time. She was the first women chief Minister of West Bengal and she was also the first women Railway Minister. She has the distinction of dethroning the 34 year old rule of left front government in West Bengal. She was an Anti-CPM and so she went with a separate party when Congress went along with the CPM. She was the founder of the Trinamool Congress in the year 1977. She won the election in 2011 very comprehensively and became the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

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Sheila Dikshit

Sheila Dikshit is the Chief Minister of Delhi since 1998. She is very close to Sonia Gandhi and has been with her in almost every victory that Congress has earned. They both have led Congress into victory for three Consecutive terms. She was the minister of Delhi when Rajiv Gandhi had the government. She has also represented Kannauj Lok Sabha in the Parliament. She has grown older now, but her name still stands in our mind because of the policies and her leaderships.

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She is the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and has made a lot of helpful changes in that state. She was in the film Industry in the beginning and later she joined politics to sever the State. She has another name, Komalavalli. She is a very strong person by heart and she takes a lot of decision that cannot be taken by many politicians. She entered politics in the year 1989, and she became the leader of the opposition. She won after two years against the Congress party. She became the first ever women Chief minister and also the youngest one in the year 1991. Now, she is serving the third term of her career when her party won the 14th state assembly election. She is very motivated and when we hear her speeches, we will be inspired a lot.

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Mayawati is the strongest Dalit leader in the recent times. She has been the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh four times. She was born on 15 January 1956. Her father was a post office employee. She was inspired by her father to join the politics. Basically, she was a school teacher in New Delhi but was convinced by Kanshi Ram to join Politics. At that time she was preparing for her IAS exam. She was convinced by him and inspired by her father to join the politics. She joined the BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party) in the year 1984. She was elected to the parliament in 1989. Both, Mayawati and Ram followed Buddhism, but, she has not converted to it because of her political career. She is very strong and her party has flourished a long way. She has a very powerful eyes that when look into her eyes you will be attracted towards her doings and speeches.


Vasundhara Raje Scindia

She was the first women Chief Minister of Rajasthan. She can be considered as one of the powerful politicians that Indian Government has seen. Her mother was a prominent leader of the BJP and it was her mother who made her join Politics. She was elected to the assembly in the year 1985. She has won four consecutive elections from the year 1989. She was the Chief Minister from 2003 to 2008, but lost in the 2008 elections and at present she is the leader of the opposition party. She is also an inspiration to all the people of the nation because she has done a lot to her nation and particularly for her state. Staying in power for four consecutive terms is not a small matter and that to a woman.

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Ambika Soni

She is a Rajya Sabha MP from the state of Punjab. Ambika is a Union Cabinet Minister in charge of Information and Broadcasting Ministry. She was introduced into politics by Indira Gandhi when she engineered the split in 1969. She became powerful regarding her closeness to the Gandhi family. Her father worked very closely with Nehru and so she was also helped a lot by Indira Gandhi who was in power at that time. She was elected to the parliament in 1976 as a Rajya Sabha Member. She was married in the year 1961 to an IFS officer named Uday Soni. She has been a great support for the nation by her inspiring ideas.

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Here are some of the Indian women Politicians, who, by their doing and mind have inspired a lot of people. These women have not only been a part of politics but also have done a lot for the nation and been in power for a longer time. Salute to these women.

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