Prescription for a shopaholic

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Female clan all over the world would be found making googly eyes at this time of the year. Everywhere around the globe retailers have slashed prices of commodities in the name of stock clearance, season end, season beginning, mid-season and God-knows-what not! And who doesn’t like the season of sale? Yes, we all love to get our hands on the ‘big steal’, but ladies love it a little more than the rest. I am not generalising, I am not being judgemental; all I am doing is stating some facts.

Head to the nearest mall in your city and the count of female heads aimlessly wandering around the floor, sporting a shopping bag or two (chances of more than two are more), sometimes accompanied by glum-faced husbands or boyfriends, sometimes dragging a monster of a child, would be for sure more than that of the male populace.You mean to say all females are unfeeling, obsessive and compulsive shoppers? I by no means mean to say that. We just love shopping, if not for ourselves, then for the neighbor next door, if not for the neighbor, then for someone near or dear and everyone in between.

Is there something wrong with that? No, YES! No, as it is a gesture of love for ourselves (or, for others). Yes, as we often tend to overlook the designs retailers have on us. The tactics (which is termed as ‘strategy’ by business heads) which businesses use on us to push us towards THEIR goal! Their goal? Sales target, profits and all the usual (and, unusual) reasons which makes a business a business!

What are we left with in the end of this goal attaining?  Customer satisfaction? Well, yes that is there. But, if you are set in a trap to buy more, then this satisfaction would soon lose its sheen. What would follow are frequent guilt trips, rebuking self saying, “I didn’t even want that”, realization ,”I could have bought something better” and a lot many struggle with self. If I don’t go through this phase post the ‘satisfaction’ phase, it means I am good to go? No love, you might not have realized this, but you still have been DUPED!

Here is a comprehensive guide which would help you recognize the signs of you being or are about to be duped.

think before you shop

live a clutter free life

Those days, when you say to yourself,” Let’s go shopping” or, those days when you are wandering around and see that beautiful Mark and Spencer’s jacket and say to yourself, “I don’t have a jacket”. STOP! Let your mind wander back home to your closet and let it see all the clothes hanging in their, calling out to you to be worn. If you don’t see a (or, a couple) of jacket (s) in there, answer this, “Do you even wear one?”, “Yes, I work in a corporate, a jacket would never be a waste”, RUSH IN and get yourself that jacket. If you just said, “No, but I have a presentation six months away and the one I have has already seen all the faces of all my classmates (or, colleagues)….” You don’t need one! Nobody remembers what you wore just yesterday; forget about a presentation which happened last year.

Always question your motives? Why am I in here? Do I need it? You may want it, but it should be need which should drive you to buy. Like, always? No, indulgence once in a blue moon is not a crime, but every time you go shopping and it is ‘want’ and not ‘need’ which tags along, then it is time to change that.


say no to shopping therapy

“She has one, I need one, period!” She also has a double chin, disturbed love life and problems which you cannot think of living in; do you want them as well? Don’t be a comparative-flashy shopper. It is not a virtue and a female should not attain it.

Do not ever directly look into the store window. That’s the trap and it is awaiting you. Retailers hire display window designers who strategically place things which gives them an enticing spirit. They (the display window designer) know the female psyche very well. Why do you think they have fancy lighting and antique chandeliers in there, all switched on right through the day? Men are partially (or, completely) blind to pretty things in the form of objects. Females are not! Remember it was Eve who picked up the fruit as she saw the beauty in it.

women and shopping

Happens all the time

How many? I must confess I am a jewelry junkie and a shoe addict, as well and to encourage this I see posters on online sites which say banal things like, “There’s nothing like too much shoes”, songs like, “new shoes on and suddenly I feel all right” and when visual media like these are on a loop, I am under a spell which is very hard to break free from and this instigates me to shop. Do I need it? No! I wanted them all. But, today (I am trying) to question myself, “How many?” Formal, dressy, sporty, you own a pair of each? Then you are good to go!

If you haven’t noticed this before then notice it the next time you go shopping- posters, mannequins and many more have ladies splashed all over them-a  hand of a woman, an eye of another, lips of some and full-fledged figure of many others etc. Why? Adorning beauty with a beautiful commodity always manages to catch the eye of beauty seeker aka us women folk.

It is time to declutter, time to tell those who dupe us that it won’t work on us anymore as we have made up our minds!


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