He was prosecuted; Feeling satisfied

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It was a warm morning and Mary was all set for her work. She was working in a small store, with a small pay. She had an elder brother and her mother in her home. They three were living in the small house for three years after her father’s death. Her mother was working as a maid in three houses in order to take care of the family because Mary’s brother was doing his higher studies and so he was not working. Mary’s payment alone was not enough for their family. She had her breakfast and packed her things and left the home with her mother. They both walked together till the corner of the road where her mother would take the left turn and Mary would go right. Mary promised her mother to come as early as possible and fled the site.

She reached her store half past nine and joined her colleagues. The morning was a bit slow and they were chit chatting and then came in a customer, and he wanted a pack of chips. They helped him with the chips packet and then again started their chit chatting. Mary had a call from her mother, asking her to reach the house as early as possible because they had to go out for dinner as promised by them to her Uncle. The morning passed away slowly and came the lunch break. One of her colleague walked towards the door and put on a board in the door which had the wordings “Lunch Break”. Everyone had their lunch with fun, sharing and fighting for was going on with the employees. They had their lunch and then came the one whom they hated to see; it was their boss, he came in with a sound and shouted at the employees for their behavior and for not being in time. They soon removed the board from the main door and went to their respective places for their work. The customers started coming in and went out after buying their needy. Mary was the one who would take care of the cash, she was taking care of the accounts of the store and so it would take some time for her to leave the store, while others left earlier. Every day, her friend would wait for her and then they both would leave the store after Mary had cleared all the accounts.


On that dreadful day, Mary’s friend had to leave the store early because she had promised to go for shopping with her boyfriend. Mary was all alone in the shop and the time was six in the evening. She was done with all her accounts and was all set to leave the store. When she was about to reach the main door; came in a stranger politely. He was a tall man and had hair covered his face. He was a bold and a strong man. He brought a small cake and Mary asked him to be fast, he noticed the surrounding and then left the shop. Mary had to write the cake’s cost also in the list and so she went back and completed her work. The man came back after some time and when Mary told him the working time was over and she was about to close the store, he pulled out a gun from his pocket and aimed at her. She was really shocked, and in distress she shouted, but in vain. He was all over her and asked her to take the money from her purse and also from the store’s account. She was pleading him not to do so, but he had no other idea than looting the store. She was frightened a lot and also was alone. She was not able to fight him or call anyone for help; she had to give him the money.

The attacker after getting the money, asked her to go to the back room. When she did not move he pushed her down and hit her with the gun. She was dragged to the back room and she had him over her in the back room. She was getting raped. She was not able to react or do anything to protect her virginity because she was half unconscious. When the rape was over the attacker pulled his pants up and took his bag and started to the main door. She was crying with pain and her sounds were heard out.


She was lucky because when the attacker reached the main door, an officer came in to see the store being disturbed and asked the attacker to wait. The rapist was trying to escape, but the officer had his gun point on him and when he tried to escape, he was shot on his leg. The officer went in to see Mary crying after losing her virginity. Mary told the officer what had happened and also pleaded him to send the rapist into the jail. She wanted the rapist to be prosecuted. The officer called the ambulance and her mother and informed her about Mary’s situation.

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The rapist was prosecuted and is serving maximum time. Mary was taken to the hospital for a checkup, she hated every second of it. The doctors said that, she was fine and had no internal injuries. She had to take some rest in order to recover from the mental trauma. She did not want to meet any one in the hospital but as time passed she started meeting her friends. She had an advice to all the victims and that was “Prosecute the rapist the best you can, either by law or by yourself and seek support from the counselors and your close acquaintance. Don’t be ashamed or afraid to ask for help”. The first thing that Mary asked the officer when her came to take her words was “was he Prosecuted” and when the positive answer came, she was satisfied and had lighter feeling.

The advice given by her was the perfect one because, the victims would want to stay alone in their own world and when this happen, they tend to lose their mind and will find it difficult to recover from the incident. Every victim should start thinking that they are rape survivors rather than rape victims. Mary was taken to a counselor and after some time, she recovered from the trauma and started taking care of the rape victims who were in her situation.

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