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We all are excited about the 2015 world cup that is about to be held in Brazil. Well it’s just not us even the country’s prostitutes are looking forward to the world cup.

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Are you baffled?

So was I when I first came across this idea during the common wealth games that were held in India.

Yes, the common wealth games that I was so excited about. I considered it as a very exciting sports event where countries come and compete against one another. Every day the newspaper was filled with articles regarding the upcoming event. Among the plethora of news, regarding how good or bad the arrangements were, or how big politicians are hoarding money in the name of common wealth games, I read a small article about how the condom sales rise steadily as the common wealth come closer.

First I was confused about how can this ever be related to common wealth?

Then I read on, what I felt that day is inexpressible through words. To know the ugly truth so carefully masqueraded in that glory. With sports fans gearing up all across the globe, in that excitement few notice what such events appear to be, from the eyes of a prostitute.



The prostitutes train themselves in different languages, to better communicate with the people coming to the city. They expect big money. As the night clubs will earn huge profits. Somewhere along the dingy roads by the side of expensive hotel lies a room, in which a prostitute is always ready for any man who enters its doors.

Many of these sex-workers do not get paid a decent wage as most of the amount paid by the customers is taken away by the owners who rent the rooms. Many get ill-treated or beaten or even killed, if they fall in the hands of the bad guys. Still they have to take the risk for the sake of their living. Some have children to take care of, some have to feed themselves. The prostitutes consist of girls who are underage, as they are demanded by some men. These girls may go directly to the hotel rooms if called for.

When on one side people justify why prostitution must be legalized let us look at the why it should not be done. First of all why this industry cannot function like any other industry and contribute to the country’s GDP?

The main difference between any other profession and that of a prostitute is that it is more dangerous than any of the others. The profession involves lot of ill-treatment of the sex-workers. Some are brutally beaten up. Well people do talk of a prostitution rights but what happens behind those closed doors can never be known by the people outside it. The prostitutes could be blackmailed & threatened easily.

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There are people who say till there is demand there would be supply. So according to the theory underage girls should be allowed to enter the prostitution industry because people demand for them. Without thinking about, if those young girls are even ready for sex. What a world it would be when a 10 year old says “Mom I want to become a prostitute”? Is that the kind of world we are aspiring for?

Third there is no way of knowing that whether these girls were forced into prostitution or did they choose for themselves. As a matter of common understanding, no woman will choose such a professional unless she has another alternative. Thus legalizing prostitution will not only encourage smugglers to transport people across borders and then force them into the profession.

Some say that it will help reduce the number of rapes. But this statement lacks careful analysis of why rapes occur in the first place. We must acknowledge that no rape is pre-planned whereas sleeping with a prostitute is. In most of the cases it is an impulse reaction. For ex. consider the 16th December case that occurred in India. Do we actually believe that these men raped the girl because they could not go to a prostitute? No, they saw that there was no one but the girl’s boyfriend to protect her and hence they targeted the girl. People will always look for easier ways and for ways in which they need not pay any money.

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Men try and create a world where they get whatever they want. We as women have a different idea about how the world should be. Legalization of prostitution makes it easier for men to get all the sex they want. The wives on the other hand stay in doubt and have no way of knowing if their husbands out there are sleeping with a prostitute. What we must try to achieve is a balance between the two worlds, one that women want and one that men want. To legalize prostitution is to hand over the rein completely on one side.

Some may say “we are happy to be prostitutes” and sure one has a right to do whatever they want but there are many others who are screaming “help me” and we must not forget to listen to them.

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