Prostitutes! Should I run away?

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Prostitutes! Why is that we feel embarrassed or make a face that clearly advertises loathe when we hear this word? Oh yeah, she has sex with people for money, she has sold her “dignity” for money; and now, all of a sudden, money is not the most pressing matter. Isn’t this buying your clothes form hypocrisy’s store? I mean, you can go lie, cheat, and at times kill for money, but having sex for money is just ‘unethical,’ isn’t it?
We have a great habit of polarising everything, and our synonymic habit of discriminating doesn’t shy at all too. We have come to a state where we live our lives by assumptions that bath in a tub of ignorance. When I say driver, the part of our brain that picturises the images, without any hesitation, like filling up water into a glass from a water cooler, picturises the male part of the human domain.
In the same way, when I utter so cursed a word such as prostitute, after going aghast, the brain picturises as a woman.
Well, does it say anywhere that prostitutes are only females, and can’t be males? You would get a smirk, and feeling confident as if you’re on top of Mount Everest, you would say that female prostitutes are much more in number than compared to males. Yes, agreed. However, these females were “dragged into the business” by the society, which is a male dominant one. So how is it their fault? It’s like me dragging you into a puddle of mud, getting you dirty, and then the society looks at you with raised eyebrows, and in a way blames you for everything and tags you as murky.
Being dirty gets labelled as murky, but being a prostitute gets you labelled as an untouchable.

The other day, there was a woman who had been a part of a hit and run case. Fortunately for the woman, and me too, she just suffered minor bruises. However, after the hit she fell down, and was lying on the road. She lay still. There was a sense of calmness around her which turned into a chaos when the nearby people came running to help her/behold the circus. A minority of the crowd that had gathered were in the process of pulling the woman up when suddenly one of them recognised her as a prostitute. His Sherlock-ness sent murmurs throughout the human barricade, and in the blink of an eye, all the men helping her out left her midway; repeatedly rubbed their hands against their trousers, and made a face as though they had just eaten a crow-shit cuisine.
Apparently, prostitutes can’t be in a circus, ‘cause the gathered on lookers left in a haste too.
While everyone was exiting from the theatre, a ‘dumb’ guy was coming in. He lifted the woman, and helped her to his car. On the way, some random Einstein shouted at the man,” She’s a prostitute!”
The helping man gave an inarticulate look, and carried on. The Bohr, cause Einstein would be too mainstream for him, declared that people have become retards nowadays. And, the very next day, he won the award for making us behold the the biggest irony.
The man, after making the woman sit in his car, drove her to a hospital. Well, by the looks of it all it seemed that he would even pay for her medical expenses.  I am saying hospital because that’s what he had told me, and that’s what I deduced unlike some hell of soothsayers, who predicted that the man got to “have fun” with the prostitute for free. Yes, the world is a pathetic place to live in after all.

I still don’t understand why is that murders can sit in the Parliament, be treated as normal human beings, and sometimes even feared; and rapists are treated like normal human beings too. However, prostitutes are looked down upon. They are “untouchables”, yeah because they have ‘touched’ many people? However, you and the wonderful society that you are a part of are the sole culprits here. Blame yourself, not her.
A female prostitute, and even the male counterpart, after getting dragged into the “mess”, has the courage to trade the clichéd dignity so that she can feed herself and her loved ones. Kill 10 men and you are a mercenary. Kill a 100 and you are a warrior. The world is weird and funny, in a sad way though.
The poor female might have contracted several diseases due to the nature of her work, but still she goes on to the battlefield everyday so that the stomach gets something to eat. Her children get something to eat.
It’s not that prostitution was her option. It was never her choice! It was a consequence of your hardwork! She doesn’t have a choice now. If she stops what she’s doing, will all the “righteous” men come and feed her and her family? Nope. Why should they? They earn for their families!
Preaching righteousness is one thing, and practising it another. And the Earth is no Euphoria.

Rather than looking down at her, feel proud of her. Respect her. She has been one of the first customers of the wrath of this world, and still, she goes on. Fighting, surviving and living. She hasn’t let the real part of the world kill her; she doesn’t bother about the most important ‘status’; she just goes on and on.

If you can’t really see the other half of prostitution, and can’t get to respect her for her courage, well, then at least respect her being a human being. Doesn’t she deserve that at least?

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